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Fall Registration is now open.  Go to Blue Sombrero and login, then click the Register button.  Note  that we run 3 programs:

Core is our regular recreational & instructional program
Select is our competitive program (tryouts now - see our website)
VIP is for those whose disabilities make it difficult for them to participate on mainstream teams

Select players do not need to sign up for core (only if you don't make the team).

Early Bird rates expire 15 June

Return Uniforms and Equipment
Its time to return uniforms and equipment.  Contact our equipment manager at and uniform manager at

Blue Sombrero
Blue Sombrero help line for parents: 866.264.2048
AYSOU Login Credentials - Volunteers will use their Blue Sombrero Username and Password to log into AYSOU. If this is working on Blue Sombrero, but not working on AYSOU, the volunteer will need to login in to Blue Sombrero, click on their volunteer details, and then click update. 
Additional Volunteer Users - users volunteering outside of the registration system will volunteer his/herself, or add a new user to volunteer.  If the volunteer now becomes an additional user, he/she will want to accept the invite to create a Username/Password on Blue Sombrero to get them access to AYSOU.  Youth Volunteers do not have to accept this additional user invite to move forward.
AYSOU Certifications - Certifications will port over from eAYSO once the user volunteers, based on the system recognizing the volunteer ID.  If the certifications do not port over, there is a mismatch in the ID.

Summer Camps

Time to sign up for summer camps, held again by UK Soccer, weekly from 11 June thru 17 Aug.  Drop-ins welcome.

More information here.

California Classico  Sat 30 June 7:15PM
The Earthquakes are playing at Stanford again, and we have a special deal on seats.  Go here to get your tickets.  Note that our discount will be taken at checkout.

Golden Gate Camp
AYSO Section 2 holds Golden Gate camp every summer for training that you normally have to travel to get: 
Coach - Intermediate 
Coach - Advanced Coach - Instructor w/Intro to Instruction 
Referee Assessor 
Referee Intermediate 
Referee Advanced 
Referee Instructor w/Intro to Instruction      
Referee National 
Regional Management 
We reimburse for the fees.  Contact if interested.