Fall Select
Fall Select is our Competitive soccer program, working in parallel with our Recreational Soccer program.  There are required tryouts.  Questions?  Email select@AYSO26.org

Birth YearsGenderTryout 1Tryout 2
2009 and 2010Girls5/21  5:30 Peers Park5/23  5:30 Peers Park
2007 and 2008Girls5/8  5:45 Mayfield SE5/15  5:45 Mayfield NE
2005 and 2006Girls5/15  5:30 El Camino Park5/18  5:30 Greer 5 West
2003 and 2004Girls5/4  5:30 Mayfield SE5/10  5:30 Cubberley Turf
2009 and 2010Boys5/23 5:30 Mayfield NE5/30 5:30 Mayfield NE
2007 and 2008Boys5/24  5:30 Peers Park5/31  5:30 Peers Park
2005 and 2006Boys5/29  5:30 Mayfield SW5/31  5:30 Mayfield SW
2003 and 2004Boys5/22 7:00 Mayfield SW5/24 7:00 Mayfield NE

Spring Core Play

Spring season dates are 17 March - 19 May
Spring core play will be by "interlock" with adjacent and nearby cities for U8 and above, since the number of teams is lower. Play is on Saturdays.

Field Permits
Our Game Permits are at this link.  If there are any disputes, please contact Permits@AYSO26.org

El Palo Alto
Our spring invitational tournament will be held 28-29 April 2018  Registration open now!  More information here.

Blue Sombrero
Blue Sombrero help line for parents: 866.264.2048
AYSOU Login Credentials - Volunteers will use their Blue Sombrero Username and Password to log into AYSOU. If this is working on Blue Sombrero, but not working on AYSOU, the volunteer will need to login in to Blue Sombrero, click on their volunteer details, and then click update. 
Additional Volunteer Users - users volunteering outside of the registration system will volunteer his/herself, or add a new user to volunteer.  If the volunteer now becomes an additional user, he/she will want to accept the invite to create a Username/Password on Blue Sombrero to get them access to AYSOU.  Youth Volunteers do not have to accept this additional user invite to move forward.
AYSOU Certifications - Certifications will port over from eAYSO once the user volunteers, based on the system recognizing the volunteer ID.  If the certifications do not port over, there is a mismatch in the ID.

Summer Camps

Time to sign up for summer camps, held again by UK Soccer, weekly from 11 June thru 17 Aug.  Drop-ins welcome.

More information here.

We play in the rain, unless the city closes the fields, or it has thundered or we've seen lightning in the last 30 minutes (game delays possible)

The City of Palo Alto Rain Hotline is

+1 650 329 2697

Mick Jordan
Mick was our Regional Coach Administrator and a team coach for two decades.  His love of the game was infectious.  His dedication to AYSO was complete.  He passed away unexpectedly recently.