Behind the Scenes, a Dedicated Crew
Thirty-five minutes after sunrise on Saturday morning, a bag of uniforms was delivered to a park.  Ten minutes later, eight painfully-shy three-year-olds arrived, clinging to their parent's legs, soon to be driving their soccer ball cars thru cone gates, giggling at their coach's antics.

Not long after, volunteer coaches and referees pulled into the parking lot at Paly, to attend 3 hour long classes organized and given by Jack and Dan.  Soon after, they would roll out to the fields to start the first U8 games at Terman.

Soon games would bloom at other parks, Peers, Pardee, Greer, and Mayfield, and in San Jose, Mountain View, Saratoga, Daly City, and Concord. 

We could play on those parks because Patricia negotiated for them, and then made sure we had the proper permits for them.  A crew of 4 volunteers scheduled games across 7 regions.  The fields in those parks was surveyed and lined by volunteers led by Ramji.

The uniforms on those players got there because Emily made sure they were clean, sorted, bagged, and delivered on time.  The new balls at their feet were designed and ordered and delivered by Robert and his team, using money that George cultivated.

The coaches in those fields were recruited by Kedar, Robert, George, Jim, Barry, Srini, and Angeles.  They too, organized the players into teams, dealing with many parent requests.  These players were registered, by Avivit, who also made the agonizing scholarship decisions. Three coaches were trained, one-on-one, by Gabrielle, at her home, at the last minute so that the players registered by Avivit could actually play games the following weekend.  The coaches practiced with their teams on fields only because they were assigned by Jianglin and Wei.

Referees appeared at all these games, organized and equipped, by Lee and Elizabeth and Shashank.  These games were safe, fair and fun. 

None of these tasks was simple.  Each of these tasks took dozens, even hundreds, of total man hours.

By the end of the weekend, forty-one teams totaling five-hundred and eleven players, spanning ages from 3 to 15 -- happy, exhausted, and thrilled -- went home with their parents, all because an amazing, dedicated, expert crew made it happen.  A crew of a couple of dozen volunteers giving thousands of hours of their time, so that the children of a thousand parents can play.

It's a beautiful thing they do.

Spring Registration is Waitlist
Click on the big red button to register for the spring season.  The season runs from 18 March to 20 May.

Rain Hotline

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Equipment and Uniforms

Equipment: please contact the equipment manager at

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Summer Camps

The camps will follow a technical soccer curriculum alongside our behavioral 'inspire’ curriculum designed to positively impact your child’s success both on and off the soccer field!

The dates for the AYSO 26 Palo Alto Camps @ Greer Park are as follows:

June 12 - June 16
June 19 - June 23

July 10 - July 14
July 17 - July 21
July 24 - July 28
July 31 - Aug 4

Aug 7 - Aug 11
Aug 14 - Aug 18

Camps run Monday-Friday 

Half Day Camp 9AM - 12PM 4-14 yrs of age   $140
Full Day Camp  9AM - 4PM 8-14 yrs of age   $190

Optional Clinics on Saturday of camp week:
Saturday Striker/Goalkeeper Clinic 9AM - 12PM 7-14 yrs of age $40
Saturday Activity Fun Zone 9AM - 12PM 4-7 yrs of age $40

We look forward to seeing you at camp this year!

If you have any questions about the camp or indeed would like to host one our awesome UK International Soccer Coaches (which entitles your child to complimentary camp) then please contact:

Kiran Patel