Spring Select Tryouts
Tryouts are coming for our competitive spring select program.  There are limited spots on each team, and your child should come to as many tryouts as possible, to maximize exposure to the coaches.  The season has not been announced yet - it usually runs from early March to the weekend before Memorial Day.

The Blue Sombrero process is this:
  1. Go here to register.  You will see a green indicator next to your child that says 1 Program Available (potentially more than one). Click on that and select the Select XXXX option available (depending on age, there may be more than one, but usually only one Select option; there may be Core recreational and VIP options).  If your child is playing up, make the Select choice available and register then please email the registrar (Registrar@AYSO26.org) and request that your child be moved up to the correct division within the Select program.  It will not ask you to pay.  Trying out is free.  We want to collect the information prior to the tryout so we know how many to expect, and we won't have to read handwriting in order to get back to you.
  2. Attend as many of the tryouts for that division as you can. See below for the schedule.
  3. If your child makes the team, you will get a You Made The Team email.  If you want your child to be on that team, you must login to Blue Sombrero, and click on Tryout Acceptance right next to your child's name.  
  4. Then proceed immediately to checkout and pay.  If you wish a scholarship, request it from the registrar (Registrar@AYSO26.org) prior to checking out.  If you do not complete payment, the software won't let us put your player onto a team.
  5. If you haven't heard whether you made the team, email select@AYSO26.org
  6. You can find a registration guide here.
Tryout Schedule
U10B Birth Years 2008/2009
Weds 10/25 5:30 Mayfield NW
Weds 11/1 5:30 Mayfield NW

U12B Birth Years 2006/2007
Tue 11/7 5:30 Mayfield SE
Fri 11/10 5:30 Mayfield NW

U13B Birth Years 2005
Tue 11/7 5:30 Mayfield SE
Weds 11/8 5:30 Mayfield NE
U15B Birth Years 2003/2004
Tue 11/14 7:00 Mayfield SW
Thurs 11/16 5:30 Mayfield NE

U16/19B Birth Years 2000/2001/2002
Thurs 11/9 7:00 Mayfield SW
Thurs 11/16 7:00 Mayfield SW

U10G Birth Years 2008/2009
Tue 11/7  5:30 Mayfield SW
Thurs 11/9 5:30 Mayfield SE

U12G Birth Years 2006/2007
Fri 11/3 5:30 Greer 2
Sun 11/5 2:30 Mayfield N

U14/15G Birth Years 2003/2004/2005
Thurs 11/9 7:00 Mayfield SW
Fri 11/10  5:30 Mayfield SW


El Palo Alto
Our spring invitational tournament will be held 28-29 April 2018

Spring Core Play
Spring Recreational (Core) registration will be open soon. 
Spring season dates are 17 March - 19 May

Blue Sombrero
Blue Sombrero help line for parents: 866.264.2048
AYSOU Login Credentials - Volunteers will use their Blue Sombrero Username and Password to log into AYSOU. If this is working on Blue Sombrero, but not working on AYSOU, the volunteer will need to login in to Blue Sombrero, click on their volunteer details, and then click update. 
Additional Volunteer Users - users volunteering outside of the registration system will volunteer his/herself, or add a new user to volunteer.  If the volunteer now becomes an additional user, he/she will want to accept the invite to create a Username/Password on Blue Sombrero to get them access to AYSOU.  Youth Volunteers do not have to accept this additional user invite to move forward.
AYSOU Certifications - Certifications will port over from eAYSO once the user volunteers, based on the system recognizing the volunteer ID.  If the certifications do not port over, there is a mismatch in the ID.

Air Quality Alert
Air quality is very nice today, 20 Oct. The wind is predicted to blow the smoke toward the east, away from us, and the rain certainly helped.  Plan on normal practices and clinics today and normal games this weekend.

Palo Alto AYSO Day: Earthquakes vs. Minnesota United FC

Earthquakes final home game against Minnesota United Sunday, October 22nd at 12:45PM   You can now take Caltrain straight from Palo Alto to Santa Clara and walk thru the new tunnel to get to Brokaw Road.  
Tickets are only $27.  

There will be pregame fun including games, and face painting. 
Palo Alto AYSO Players ages 6-12 get to participate in pregame youth parade around the field.

More information here