Gunn Girls' Soccer Fundraiser

WINTER AYSO SKILLS CLINIC - Saturday January 23, 3pm to 5pm
Palo Alto AYSO is hosting a midwinter soccer session for U8 through U12 soccer players, boys and girls of all abilities. 
Instruction by qualified AYSO experienced soccer coaches, giving instruction on all phases of the game, PLUS assistance from Gunn High girls soccer team members.  This is a great chance to get some soccer training in before the spring season!

Cost is $20.00 per player.
Proceeds will benefit the Gunn athletics program.
Clinic is at Cubberly turf field, 4000 Middlefield Road (no rainout)
Saturday January 23
3pm to 5pm 
Show up in soccer practice attire, shin guards required (covered by socks) and soccer cleats recommended 

The Cubberly field is the stadium behind Greendell school at the Cubberly complex, here.

Regional Tournament Results
The following teams will be advancing to the Area 2A Tournament

U12 Boys -- U12B-6 Blue Bulls
U12 Girls -- U12G-3 Cosmic Hamsters  and U12G-4 Ice Dragons
U14 Boys -- U14B-3 and U14B-4 Happy Hippos
U14 Girls -- U14G-2 Blue Flying Polka Dots

Fall Elite / BAFSL Tournament
Our Elite Teams did very well this season!
U10B Serpents: took 3rd in Regular Season Green Flight
U10B Warriors: took 1st in their flight at BAFSL Tournament
U10G Cyclones: took 1st in Regular Season Green Flight
U12B Scorpions: took 1st in Regular Season Green Flight and 2nd in their flight at BAFSL Tournament
U12B Timber Wolves: took 1st in Regular Season Gold Flight
U12G Voltage: took 2nd in Regular Season Blue Flight
U14B Titans: took 2nd in Regular Season Green Flight and 2nd in their flight at BAFSL Tournament

Spring Registration is Open 

Registration for our Spring season is now open.  Click the button above to register.

We are still working with our adjacent regions to determine exact dates.  Tentative season dates are 5 Mar - 21 May

The world's Largest Soccer Club
No other club can guarantee your child 50% playing time.

Hi all - we hope you had a great season!

Below please find information about uniform return by age group, since we have several different uniform schemes.  Direct questions about uniform to me,  Direct questions about equipment return to the equipment manager copied on this email.


Emily Jaquette - Uniforms

U4, U5, U6 - reversible jerseys need to be turned in
Please have your players wear or bring a second shirt for their games this Saturday.  Jerseys will be collected at the conclusion of the game (we will launder them).  Please collect jerseys from those who will be absent for this last week and bring on Saturday.

U8 and U10 - single use kits - no return required
These uniforms are the kids' to keep and do not need to be returned.  If people would like to recycle their uniforms, have them bring them to the equipment turn-in events listed below.  AYSO will arrange for a bulk shipment to Africa with whatever we receive by December 19.

U10 Elite and All U12 and above - Blue and white team kits need to be returned OR email me that you are keeping your bag for the spring.

Socks are not returned. Please collect clean uniforms (shorts and 2 jerseys)  to be used again next season.  Please have your players launder and return the uniforms to a designated person. We really need your help to inspect the kits - this is definitely a "many hands make light work" situation. Procedure:
  1. Print this 2 page form to record the contents of the kit
  2. inspect each set of shorts and 2 jerseys
    1. If any piece of the set is damaged or stained to the point that you would not want your child to wear it, set the WHOLE set  (shorts and 2 jerseys) aside and indicate they are unusable on the form.  Be decriminating!  We want our kids wearing uniforms that make them proud :-)
    2. If the set is in good condition, indicate that on the form and put the set in the mesh bag.  Extra credit for rubberbanding the set together.
  3. Bag damaged sets in a single plastic bag all together, and put side the mesh bag. We will process these later, and use the form to replenish the bag for next season.
  4. Place the completed form inside the mesh bag.
  5. Return the bag to the equipment return session below, or drop it by our house at 3365 Kenneth Drive.