Welcome to the Palo Alto AYSO, Region 26   

Palo Alto AYSO was founded in 1972.  

Palo Alto AYSO is an all-volunteer, non-profit serving Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford University and part of Los Altos Hills.  

Our 750+ volunteers serve over 2000 players each year, and includes coaches, referees, and people responsible for fields, schedules, equipment, planning and everything else required for safe, instructional, fun soccer for kids.  And a special mention for our youth volunteers serving our community.

A crucial difference in Palo Alto AYSO from another regions might be the registration procedures.  To serve our community as best we can, we use a registration system separate from eAYSO, and then synchronize data with eAYSO.  This registration system gathers more information than the national system and assists us with team assignments and team balancing, taking into account the additional information.  Be sure to use the registration links on this site, and not the registration links on the national site.

It may be time to sign-up for a soccer program.  The registration status is displayed on the sidebar to the left for each Program.  

Depending on the time of year you may be able to register for an upcoming program.  If registration has recently closed for a current program, contact us at registrar@ayso26.org and we will try to accommodate a late registration for an AYSO transferee.

Our registration process is outlined in FAQ-Registration.

If you are a referee or coach please email our Volunteer Coordinator and we can help you get plugged in.

If you can help in any way at all, or would like to become a referee or coach, eMail our Volunteer Coordinator.

Overview of Palo Alto AYSO

All children may play, and are guaranteed to play at least 3/4 of every game.  Children in each age group and gender form a Division, divisions span 2 years.  For example, U10 (under 10) includes 8 and 9 year olds.  

Within a division, parents volunteer as coaches and referees, and teams are formed by assigning a parent coach and players to the team.  The Division Commissioner, another volunteer, operates the software that assigns coaches and players, taking into account player skill level to balance the teams, and for the younger U7 and U8 divisions, trying to keep the kids near their neighborhood.  Children from 3 to 18 are placed onto Instructional teams in Kicker (u3 & u4), Kinder (u5 & u6), Olympic (u7 & u8), and older players into u10, u12, u14 and u19.  

For the U10 to U19 divisions, Palo Alto AYSO operates an additional competitive program with higher level instruction and competition, including tournament play.  The competitive programs are called Elite and Select, and players must tryout to be placed onto those teams.  The soccer season is fall and spring.  Competitive programs operate year-round.