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This web site is meant to be comprehensive and to answer all your questions.  

We have over 5000 constituents in Palo Alto AYSO, and lots of questions and enquiries can overwhelm our volunteer team.  We need your help by using this web site to get answers to your questions as much as you can.  Please be sure to use the search box in our banner to find the information you need.  Of course, we may be missing information, or your question might be new.  In that case, we welcome your question.  You can find the appropriate volunteer in our directory pertinent to the subject area of your question.

We also have the two online applications to support you, eAYSO and WebYouthSoccer.
  • eAYSO is for managing volunteers and Spring Select teams.
  • WebYouthSoccer is for managing the Fall Program.   For Fall Program team information such as roster, game schedule, referee assignments, etc, goto http://login.ayso26.org

Lots of ways for you to play soccer.  

Fall Program is for anyone from 4 years old to 18.  Players are divided into teams that are balanced for more playing fun, and by age and gender.  Join more than 2000 of your classmates and play soccer this year with Palo Alto AYSO.

Winter/Spring Select Program is for players in the U10 to U19 divisions and want to keep playing after the Fall Program ends.  These teams enter into tournament play in the greater Bay Area.

Soccerfest is a summer blast.  On Saturday mornings players from the U12 and older divisions just show up and play soccer.  We form the teams from whoever shows up.  Come with your friends or come alone.  You never know who else you get to play with.

Summer Camps are each a week long and are a half day or full day.  Fun and skills-building with professional coaches.

VIP Program is for you if you have special needs that prevent you from playing regular soccer.  It runs during the Fall Season and is a great way to have fun, meet people and get some exercise on the field.
You can learn more about the programs we offer here.  Players must play in the Fall Program to be eligible to play in our other programs.

You can find events and subscribe to them on our Calendar.  

We have soccer programs for children from pre-school through high school. You can learn more about our Region from the Parents page.

Our teams are formed and are managed in WebYouthSoccer.  To see your children's teams, login to WebYouthSoccer.

Be sure to use the Resources in the menu to better your soccer experience.

If you have a special needs child or young adult, refer to our VIP Program.
If you are a Coach or Referee we have special areas of the web site for you.  They are accessed from the menu at the top of any page.

Other volunteers may need information about using our Regional tools to execute their job.  This information can be found here.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can read about volunteering on this web site, or email our 

As a volunteer you also get access to our Presidential Awards Program.  Palo Alto AYSO is an accredited organization.