'The Heart' of AYSO

Coaches are the heart of the AYSO; the key to player development in character, sportsmanship, and skills.  Coaches spend the most time with the players.  Coaching 6 yr and older children requires that you commit to two practices per week and a game on Saturday.  We appreciate the time that our coaches commit, and provide them with advice, assistance and support to make their coaching experience successful.

What training is provided for coaches?

  1. An online course which covers team management, safety, volunteer protection, and AYSO's principles.  This takes 40 minutes.
  2. Field training which covers soccer techniques, strategies, and teaching ideas appropriate to the age group.  These clinics are typically provided on a weekend, and vary from a half day to two days, depending on the age group of the team you are coaching and the level of certification you are seeking.  
  3. Ongoing periodic visits by "Coach Mentors" to your practices

You must attend coach training specific to the children's age group to coach in Palo Alto AYSO.  Parents generally find the coach training to be fun.  There is more about coach training in these coach pages.

I don't know anything about soccer. 
Can I still coach?

Definitely, depending on the age group you want to coach. It is possible to get on board as a novice up through U10. You can be paired with an experienced coach to help make the experience more fun.  If you are uncertain, be an assistant coach to start.

AYSO has been teaching and enabling parents for 50 years to coach their kid's team. AYSO provides tremendous support and focused, fast-track training. Being a coach involves skills you probably already have aside from specific soccer knowledge.

Try, Before Making the Full Commitment!  If you are really uncertain, then sign up for  the training clinic, and afterward decide whether you want to be assigned to a team.  Even if you decide not to coach, the training for a few hours will be fun and you will know more about the game your kids are playing.

As A Parent, I Can Really Make a Difference
  1. I am needed 
  2. It's FUN 
  3. I will be with MY kids, great quality time 
  4. It's a great break from work 
  5. It feels good 
  6. It's for the kids 
  7. It's a great way to add to our community 
Coaches run two weekday practices and a game on Saturday. Teach and encourage kids, and have a lot of fun. Parents help with team organization tasks. There is some administrivia, but not much. When you add preparation time for practices, plus general administrative work over the course of an 11 week season, this is about 40 hours for the season. 

It Sounds Like Hard Work!
It is.  But, all of the coaches that I have spoken to have enjoyed the experience.

If you have any questions send e-mail to the Region Coach Administrator at rca@ayso26.org