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Team Administration

Key Steps to Administer Your Team

Coach Certification Requirements

 Division Certification Required Clinic Duration
 Kinder U6 Coach 3 hours
 U7 U8 Coach 3 hours
 U8 U8 Coach 3 hours
 U9 U10 Coach 4 hours
 U10 U10 Coach 4 hours
 U12 U12 Coach 6 hours
 U14 Intermediate 2 days
 U16 Advanced 2 days
 U19 Advanced 2 days
Administering Your Team Overview
Palo Alto AYSO provides comprehensive team administration through its online facilities.  Parents see the appropriate information in their menu area, such as game information, coach contact data, roster, etc.  The explanations below assumes you are logged in using the login menu at the top of this page, which you can also get to as . If you are an assigned coach, the menu item Coach will appear on the left side.  If the sub-menu items are not visible, click on the menu item to open the sub-menu.

If you are coaching more than one team, you select the team you want to administer on the menu using "Select Team" menu item.

Your team will be pre-composed for you.  Access to the rosters by coaches and parents is controlled by the Division Commissioner.  The teams are formed by the Division Commissioner and then released to coaches for review.  After a few days of review and any adjustments, the Division Commissioner will release the rosters to the parents. 

During those few days before the rosters are released to the parents, setup some initial information following the steps below.  Your Team Manager can also setup this information. 

Coach Training
The Clinics page explains the clinics and availability.  The clinics are organized by division (age of the players).  Just select the clinic from the table according to the division you are coaching.  If you have not been trained to the division level you are coaching, fix that problem now by taking the appropriate clinic.  Remember, this is for the kids, and player development is an important part of the fun and experience.  Being trained to coach at the level of your division will help you with player development.

Kick-Starting Your Season
Be sure to consult the pre-season checklist.

Rosters Are Released to Coaches
Set up your team information by clicking Team Info, and then Edit Team Information.  You may ask your Team Manager to do this. 
  1. Enter a Message to the Parents
    1. Welcome them
    2. Call a parent meeting to kick start your season
    3. Tell when your first practice will be
    4. Remind parents they MUST provide you with 2 signed copies of player form BEFORE they can join a practice or game  Note:  Some coaches prefer to print the player forms and have the parent sign them when they first appear
  2. Enter the time and location for your practices
  3. Enter the website as
  4. Click Submit
  5. Review the positions available for your team and decide which you don't need
  6. Ask your parents to volunteer for Team Manager, if you dont have one.  You must, and may, only have one Team Manager

Rosters Are Released to Parents
The first act you should undertake once your rosters are released to parents is to contact your team.  You can do this easily by logging in and using the Coach / Team Info menu item.  This will display your roster and give you a single button click to send an email to your coach staff, your players or your parents.  As part of this email, establish an organizational meeting with your parents to meet each other and talk about practice times and whatever else a parent wants to talk about.  You have a $30 budget to use for this meeting for refreshments and you use the form at to get reimbursed.  Discussion points:
  1. Your experience with soccer or coaching, if any
  2. Your hopes with the team
  3. Appoint a Team Manager to be responsible for team coordination
  4. Determine any other team volunteer positions you need
Team Manager:  As soon as you can identify the parent for the job, login and appoint the Team Manager, as explained below.  Email the Team Manager confirming their appointment, and direct them to the link, for instructions.

Reference Guide

Preferences - better to send an email than to use this option

Team Info - general information, detail contact information, assign jersey numbers to players.  In the top panel Edit Team Information to name your team and provide a general message to parents.  There are three buttons, Send to all Coaches, Send to all Players and Sent to all Parents, to send an email with a single button click for each of these constituencies.  There is also a button to Edit Jersey Numbers, mid-page.

Roster - a simple roster listing

Schedule - The season's game schedule, Game Cards, net responsibility and opponent information.  
  • Note that you must take a Game Card with you to the game, and provide it to the referee at the beginning of the game.
  • Net responsibility indicates whether your team is to put the nets up prior to the game or take them down after the game.  This will depend on what other games are scheduled before or after your game. 
  • To send an email to your opposing coach click on his email address on the right hand side.
Game Cards - completed game cards entered by the referee.  Check for accuracy after the game.

Team Manager &
Team Volunteers - Appoint your parent to a position.  Click on a position and select from the drop-down menu to assign a parent. Only assign one Team Manager, or some of the functions of WYS will not work correctly.

Statistics - shows player participation.  Any aberrations from regional policy is automatically alerted to the Division Commissioner.

Evaluations - to be used at the end of the season, the coaches and assistant coaches provide rating of the players.  This information is used in the formation of teams next year.  This information seriously impacts the quality of team formation and the player experience next year.  Spend some time to provide quality input.  Comments - use this field to indicate if the player is not quite with the program.  Do not use this field to indicate skill level, that is already indicated in the rating.  For the Comment field, include items such as, Not EngagedDisruptive to Training SessionsNot Exhibiting Good Sportsmanship, Goofing Around, Does not Participate, Defiant to Coach Authority, Player X and Y Together are Disruptive.  This information will help the Division Commissioner next year. 

Team Reg Forms - a PDF of the each players' registration forms.  If a parent is unable to print a form, you can print it for the parent from this PDF.

NOTE:  If a player is disruptive to your training and is not cooperating, use the Kids Zone Feedback form on the website (center of the menu) to report the problem.  This will anonymously report a problem that we can check into.  It is important to ensure that all players have an opportunity to enjoy the program, and if one player is damaging that experience we need to address it.  We can investigate and address it without you being personally involved.  Often, a parent of another child will beat you to the punch and report a problem, but you know the procedure and can best judge when a player is harming the experience for other players.  If you wish to discuss the situation with someone, consider the or the

  • Coaches set the example for players and parents on sportsmanship and respect for our volunteers (referees)
  • Coaches are responsible to keep the touch lines clear of their players and their parents
  • The referee rules, period.  If you have an issue, discuss off to the side, after the game.  Report problems or follow up discussion with the
  • All AYSO coaches are here to help, even if they are opposite you in a game
  • Palo Alto AYSO receives commendations and thank you's internally and from other regions on a regular basis for over-the-top sportsmanship and manners by coaches, players and our parents.  It's a legacy for you to embellish.

SAMPLE Introduction Email

Subject Line:   AYSO:  Team Information

Greetings, I am your coach for this season.  My name is ______.

I am really excited about our season and look forward to meeting you and getting our training and games underway.  My goal is to work on our children's conditioning, soccer ability, sportsmanship and team work. 

The roster for our team is now released and you can log into, click on the WebYouthSoccer graphic, and use the Parent / Team Roster and Team Info menu items. You can also see our practice times and game schedule on the other menu items under Parent.  If you can't get logged in send an email to for assistance.

Each player is required to supply two signed copies of their registration forms to me prior to their participating in training or games.  The organizational meeting is a good time to give me those forms.

Hope to see you at the meeting!