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Equipment Pick-up and Return


Equipment care and in-season pickup are detailed here.

Must Know Overview
Equipment and uniforms for your team are held at a locker and are picked up at the beginning of the season and returned at the end of the season. 

Coaches that will be returning may hold their equipment and uniforms for the next season, and not return it to the locker.  The locker is managed by our Equipment Manager.  The times and days for pick-up and return are on the  Regional Calendar, labeled as, "Locker".  Click on the event label to see the details.

The Coach takes charge of the team equipment, the Team Manager takes charge of the uniforms.  Coach, you must appoint your Team Manager as early as possible in the system to ensure timely handling of the uniforms for your team.

Coaches may not be a Team Manager, and may not take charge of uniforms.

Team banners have been made by parents and collected since 1990.  There are nearly 100 banners to choose from.  You may take one from the locker, or if you create a new banner for your team, please donate it at the end of the season to increase our collection for the enjoyment of all.  Here is a page to help with Making a Banner.

Location of Locker

To get to the locker, drive east on Embarcadero Rd. toward the Palo Alto airport.  Opposite the airport, on the right side of Embarcadero, is a small street named Embarcadero Way.  The locker complex is at the end of Embarcadero Way, on the left.

Park on the street outside of the locker complex and walk into the locker area through the office at the middle gate.

PICKUP  Procedure
Typical time, 10 minutes.

Park on the street and walk into the locker area through the office at the middle of the complex. 
Equipment pickup is all the way to the back and around the building to the right, and half way back towards the street.  Uniform pickup by the Team Manager is all the way to the back and around the buildiing all the way to the left.

RETURN  Procedure
Typical time, 15 minutes.

We return the equipment to the locker in complete sets and conduct inventory as we do it.  We can then order whatever is needed for next season and have it ready for distribution.

Park on the street and enter the locker area.

Often, some balls are worn out or lost.  Worn out balls should be separated and placed in the discard area.  Remove all items from your ball bag except good balls.  Your ball bag should have 10 or more balls in it, and they should be only good ones suitable for next season.  There are boxes of make-up balls to bring your returned bag up to 10 or more balls.
  • Not enough balls? Add more from the box.
  • Too many balls?  Place the extras in the box.
Proceed to each station as appropriate and return your equipment to the bins and shelves where they belong.  Then give the completed ball bag to the locker team to stow in the locker.