Please take care of our equipment.  

Home team switches to blue if there is a color conflict with visiting team.

Goalie Gloves - only to be played with properly, as a keeper in either a game or training.  Store the gloves in the glove kit that the gloves came in.  Moisten the palms of the gloves slightly with clean damp cloth before each use.  After each use, use damp cloth to wash the glove clean before storing it, paying special attention to keeping the palm clean.

Ball Bags - tear easily, keep cones or other stiff objects that can poke holes in the bags, out.  Do not overstuff the bags.  Do not put heavy items in the bags.

Balls - can burst in the heat of a closed car.  Do not leave inflated balls in a closed-up car, the balls may burst.  Balls, even if not inflated, will weaken and age in a hot car.  Do not kick the balls against structures, such as walls or fences.  If a ball breaks or is defective, return it for a trade-in and so the Palo Alto AYSO can get a credit from the vendor.
Fields - during practice, the goal area needs to recover from game day.  Do not place goals in the usual place they would be during a game.  Ask parents NOT to roll coolers, bikes, strollers across a field.  They must go around.

Player Jerseys - Only wear jerseys at games and events where AYSO requests you to wear the jersey.  Players may wear the jersey to sponsored events, such as AYSO day at Stanford or the Earthquakes, especially where wearing your jersey gets you special admission for participation.  Wash jerseys in regular wash after each use.

Coach Jerseys - Wear them at AYSO games and sponsored events and whenever else you wish.

Kinder Goal Nets - do not put objects in the net bag.  They harm the goal nets and the net bag.