Team Banner

Palo Alto AYSO has been collecting team banners since 1990, and has a collection of banners that teams have made and donated at the end of each season.  There are nearly 100 banners to choose from.  

If you create a new banner for your team, please consider donating it at the end of the season.  Below are some simple instructions to make a team banner.

When you RETURN your Banner, make sure the banners are dry and brushed free of dirt and grass, and that art work, letters, etc., are re-glued or sewn, if necessary.

Making a Team Banner

Banners should be of lightweight material.  There is no set size or limit to how creative you can be.  A product called Stitch-Witchery is available at fabric stores which can be cut out with banner lettering and decorations for ready-made, iron-on decals. This also minimizes the amount of sewing required.  PVC pipes work great for a banner frame.  Elbow joints can be used to join sides and top of frame.  Use 3/4 inch schedule 40 pipe.  Please consider donating your creation to the AYSO Banner Closet at the end of the season.

Banner  Pick Up or Return

Banners are kept in the equipment locker and can be picked up, exchanged or returned on any scheduled equipment locker occasions.  Equipment locker events are in the Regional Calendar, and shown on our home page in the calendar widget.

Please return to banner closet location ASAP after last game.

Please remove all debris from the banner and re-attach any loose design items.

Sample Corner Flag

You may get corner flags from the equipment locker, or make your own.

In U9/U8/U7, each team is responsible for bringing 4 corner flags to each game because one "team" divides into two and plays two games on two fields.  

Each team  in U10 and U12 should bring 2 corner flags to every game.  

In U14 and older, the Home team must bring 4 corner flags to each game. At this level, you may want to purchase corner flags with attached, pointed stands (easy to push in the ground) through online soccer gear sites.

The top of each flag should rise at least five feet above the ground; anything lower is dangerous to the players.