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Training Session Length
An important aspect of age-appropriate coaching is the length of time that players should train.  Our policies are shown in the table below and gives recommended and maximum training lengths for each AYSO age bracket.  The table shows the length of time actually spent training, and does not include, for example, time spent waiting for all the team to arrive.

 Age Bracket Recommended Length Maximum Length
 U7/U8 45-6060 
 U9/U10 60 60
 U12 60 75
 U14/U16/U19 75-90 90

Training Field Assignments are managed by your Division Commissioner.  The fields are shared and there will be another team on the other half of the field.  Introduce yourself to the other coach.  Often, teams like to train together, or scrimmage during the final period of the training session.  It might be a great way to help a less experienced coach, or receive help from a more experienced coach. 

Palo Alto AYSO is issued permits for the fields for exclusive use.  If there is someone else, or another organization on the field, we must report it to the City.  Regardless of whether the other organization leaves or not, the City must know who and when there is unauthorized use of the fields.  Please email with any observations of this nature.

Palo Alto AYSO has permits for field use from the City and training must take place within your allotted time period.  However, if your assigned practice field is at a school, be aware that school and day care activities take precedence. You must give way to school or day care needs if asked and you should generally keep well away from the area that is used by day care.  If this occur please notify promptly.

Additional Resources

Online Training Plans
US Sports Coaching provides online training plans for our use as part of their contract to provide Coach Mentoring.  Use of the site requires registration, but just identify yourself as a coach with Palo Alto AYSO and you will be provided with a login.

Irrigation Problems

Damage to fields due to malfunctioning sprinkers, or under-watering or over-watering, should be reported by sending an email to promptly.