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Internet Resources

Here is a listing of some great resources on the web for your use.  You can use Google or YouTube to help you find more ideas on how to improve your training sessions.  If you find a site you think would help other coaches, please email with your recommendations.  If you find a particular problem with the commercial sites listed here, please email what you have discovered to

The AYSO materials that you already can access will provide you with more than enough technical knowledge and training activities to have a successful season. However, the sites below will provide you the opportunity to add more ideas to your coaching toolbox.  The commercial sites listed below do not come with any implied endorsement. You should use only those training activities consistent with AYSO’s guidance on age-appropriate techniques and training (for example, some sites will provide U6 training games that stress passing, which is a skill that is not taught until U7).  If you have a question on whether a given training activity fits within the guidance, check your AYSO coach manual.

AYSO Resources
This is the national AYSO site where we all have to register annually as volunteers.  You can also check your volunteer record and make sure your certifications are correctly recorded.
This is the site at which you can sign up and take online AYSO curriculum (most importantly, Safe Haven) and also download any AYSO manual.  You must have a current AYSO ID number to access this site.
This is the home site for AYSO.  You can find a number of age appropriate games by clicking on the Coach link, then click on coach resources, then click on training games.  These games are in addition to the games you can find in your AYSO coach manual. You can also click on Coach Tips to get help on a broad range of topics, from how to introduce and teach new skills to how to manage your sideline during a game.
Commercial Resource Provided by Palo Alto AYSO
This website belongs to a company that provides training support and runs our summer camps, here in Palo Alto.  The site includes specific training games and exercises, as well as complete training sessions. It has also added an "advanced curriculum" To use this site, click on online curriculum at the lower left, select whether you are looking for specific topics or a training session and then log in. The login is in your coach kit.
This website belongs to one of the companies that provides training support to our region.  You have to register to use the site. When you register, indicate for organization "AYSO Palo Alto Region 26."  Click on Resources. Click on AYSO for a number of articles and lists for coaching and managing your team. Click on Coaching Curriculum for both age appropriate training activities as well as entire training sessions.
Has material on specific training activities and broader coaching topics.  As with all commercial sites, use with care and make sure any training activity you pull from the site is consistent with AYSO guidance.
Another site with a lot of training games and activities, organized by age. As with all commercial sites, use with care and make sure any training activity you pull from the site is consistent with AYSO guidance.