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Player Evaluations

Guidelines To Coaches To Evaluate Players

The sole purpose of the end of season evaluations is to help the Division Commissioner next year form balanced teams. Evaluations are confidential and are not released to other coaches or players. Please take the time to complete the evaluation process carefully.


After reading the section below "Assigning Player Ratings", the following steps should be followed:
  1. Log on to WebYouthSoccer in "Coach" role and select "Evaluations".
  2. Assign a rating for each player relative to all the players in the division, as you have observed them through the season.
  3. Note problematic issues in comments if there are any.  This is where you can send a message to next year to avoid a problem, such as having two players that are disruptive or don't get along on the same team.  Or perhaps a player is disruptive, or not motivated.  Don't feel obligated to comment, but please do if there is a problem that can be better handled next year.
You may change your evaluations at any time up until the end of the evaluation period, November 20.

Assigning Player Ratings

The purpose of the ratings is to help us balance teams in games, so it is overall game performance that is the critical measure.  Speed, athletic ability and effort (hustle) are often more significant than skills and game understanding, especially at the younger ages.  You must rate players relative to the whole AYSO division and not just within your team, nor to some absolute standard that would include players outside of AYSO.

Players are rated in three areas: 
  • Offense, especially the ability to score goals, 
  • Defense and 
  • Goalkeeping.
Having separate ratings for offense and defense allows us to build teams that have a balance of attackers and defenders, and avoid forming teams that while balanced numerically, have no consistent goal scorers. 

However, the balancing program does not handle widely differing offensive and defensive ratings well.  What we are looking for when forming teams is simply an indication that a player has better offensive or defensive skills, or vice versa. 

How to Rate
  • Stronger offensive skills: Assign offensive rating then assign slightly less defensive skills.
  • Stronger defensive skills: Assign defensive rating then assign slightly less offensive skills.
  • Equal offensive and defensive skills: Assign equal offensive and defensive rating.
A goalkeeper rating should only be given to players who are enthusiastic about playing the goalkeeper position.  It is important data for divisions U9 and up as we try to assign at least one enthusiastic goalkeeper to each team in divisions U10-U19.

Do not factor the age of the player in your rating.  The balancing system handles this automatically.

Assign a rating from "9" to "1" as described below:
  • 9 – Excellent player who dominates the game.  This represents the top 5-10% of the division.
  • 7 – Above Average player who, while not dominating the game, will make a very strong contribution.
  • 5 – Average Player has good understanding of the game and average ability; will make a positive contribution to the game.
  • 3 – Below Average but still able, from time to time, to contribute to the team’s performance.  Factors such as poor stamina, low motivation, or below average athletic ability are often involved.
  • 1 – Poor far below average; will lose almost all one-on-one confrontations.  Factors such as lack of athletic ability, or lack of interest in the game are often the basis for this rating.
  • Use "in between" values to fine tune your ratings, e.g. 8.  Please pay special attention to the very low and very high ratings as these have the most impact on the team balancing process.
A typical distribution for, say a 10 player roster, would be ratings of one 9, two 7's, four 5's, two 3's and one 1.

Common Mistakes

The two most common ratings mistakes are:

  • Rating the players relative to your team and not the whole division.
  • Over-rating players. You may not have any 9-rated players. Don't just blindly rate your best player a 9.
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Nov 30, 2011, 8:05 AM