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Coach's Corner Videos

Do you have players on your team that are new to juggling?  How to introduce soccer players to juggling.  With controlled and numbered touches, Vanney teaches players to juggle by placing the ball where they want it, as opposed to wild touches and chasing the ball.

A variety of goalkeeping exercises. Greg goes over the proper way for a goalkeeper to catch a ball on the ground, in the air and mid-bounce.

The proper way to strike a ball.  Greg covers the technique by instructing the players where to place the stationery leg, what part of the foot should strike the ball, and more. Perfect for U-12 players and up.

Offensive / Defensive Training
"Get Out of Here!" drill with U-8 boys.  The drill is perfect for keeping an entire team active and on their toes while working on their ball touches and defensive technique.

Quick warm-up drills that also develop motor skills that will be useful on the soccer field.

How to introduce corner kicks to a young team.

The Flying Changes Drill to Teach Transition
After one team of two scores or has a shot on goal, they have to immediately defend a new attacking team of two. This keeps the players on the field very active, and the players on the touchline, waiting for a change in possession, on their toes.  This drill will get your players in the habit of making a rapid transition from offense to defense after a player misses a shot on goal, or loses possession of the ball.

The passing diamond is a great passing exercise that involves receiving passes effectively, learning how to pass on target and following up on the pass by running to open space. This exercise is a great repetition activity, and also encourages conditioning. Make sure to do the passing diamond exercise with both the right and left feet - and for the older teams, consider further limiting the number of touches.
Passing Game - Marbles
A passing game called "Marbles."  Perfect for any age group, "Marbles" helps players perfect their passing accuracy and technique before applying the skill to a real-game setting.

Heading the Ball
Hhow to properly head the ball.  In this drill, Greg starts in a kneeling position and has another player toss him the ball. Greg instructs players to lean back a bit before heading, and to keep the abdominals tight.

Demonstrating quick, targeted touches, Greg starts off with giving players a one touch limit, eventually moving on to two touches. Greg instructs the players to receive the ball while leaving a passing lane open, and approaching the passing player at an angle in order to maintain an open view of the field.  This exercise is perfect for boys and girls, U-10 and up.

Demonstration of the 2 on 1 drill.

The Neutral Player Scrimmage requires that both teams pass the ball to a player in a neutral jersey prior to taking a shot on goal.

Greg explains the concept of goal kicks and instructs his team on where to direct the kick and how to strike the ball. He makes the exercise interactive by having one group kick and the other group receiving the ball and dribbling across the field. This exercise is great for introducing goal kicks to a young team and preparing them for goal kicks in a game setting.  Consider starting practice with this lesson on goal kicks and segueing into a defense-focused activity that involves the occasional goal kick.