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WebYouthSoccer Security

On each board positions you have the ability to grant access to different areas of the app. Coach
  • Division Coordinator, and which divisions
  • Game Scheduler
  • Referee
  • Referee Scheduler
  • Registration

These realms for the most part just make the buttons appear in the menu on the left. Of course visiting any of those pages will also recheck the permissions to make sure the user should be there.

By simply being on the board the volunteer is granted access to the board menu.

The grandaddy of all privileges is EXEC which is granted by clicking that checkbox in the board list.  This grants that board position the admin tab and access to the entire app. You are turning over the keys.  So if you have the EXEC checkbox on a board position the Realms you grant are redundant, they haveaccess to those anyway. 

My original thought was that only the senior board members would have EXEC privileges, RC, RCA, RRA, Registrar, etc. Just your most trusted lieutenants. 

In a perfect world.... but of course this isn't. :)

If you find that you must grant EXEC to a board position that is not in your close circle then you probably want to drop me a note rather than do that. I can define a new security realm to grant that position  entry into the area they need. Or better, replicate a page in an area they naturally have access to and remove any critical buttons from that page.

An example. Region 26 has a DC that wants to see the schedule for the season for just their division, just an overview the the games each week. Well it turns out there is that exact page in the Game Scheduling area. But you really don't want to grant DCs access to the game scheduling area or the more global  exec privileges. 

Now having said that Gordon asked for this feature last week. Well my time is at a premium the week before the season starts. Lots of things going wrong, schedules to import, fixing problems, etc.  So even good ideas will take a while to appear in the app. I also have a process for deciding what features get added, we can discuss that in a different message.

But the key point here is to remind you to make sure you are not granting EXEC privileges to anyone that is not trained in the usage of the entire application. With a click of the wrong button they  could delete an entire division or a season for that matter.

Ok, so you granted too much access and they did hit that delete division button, what now?

I take a snapshot of the database every night at 1am. The minute you recognize a problem you contact me with the particulars of the problem and when it occurred. I can go back and load up the database from the night before into a separate area and copy things from old to new. This can take some time because I have to be very careful not to damage a neighboring region while I am repairing yours.  I have had to do this 6 or 7 times this season to recover things like team assignments, schedules, a couple accidentally deleted players, etc. This can be a painful process and we may have to negotiate if it is more work for me to do this or you to just reenter the data. But on the things that cannot be re-created we have the backup option. Of course these things always seem to happen in the last couple weeks before the season starts.