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WYS Sync with eAYSO

On the usability front we have gotten away from frames and are using CSS and AJAX to optimize some heavier areas of the site. This will be most noticeable to the registrars and treasurer. But it will make the site far more responsive since page loads are reduced by about 4X. The downside of this is that you really need a current browser, I have tried to make it work on IE6 but it will go back no further. This is not so important for Parents but DCs, referee schedulers, registrars, etc. will need to be up-to-date. 

I have tried to come into better sync with eayso. I have added fields for ayso and sponsor mailings, cell phone for all users, mixed case, etc. I am also starting the process of getting away from formal father and mother and going more generic, guardian 1 and guardian 2. But WYS makes a lot of assumptions about gender and this is going to take time. I have also sucked in the latest AYSO forms. We now track both pre-registration date as well as registration date. That was always a little confusing. And a flag has been added "birthdate verified". When this flag is set parents are no longer able to change a child's birthday via pre-registration. Only the registrar can change birthdays. Now a biggie. And this is going to take some thinking on your side. One of the regions in 2A has been successfully uploading volunteer applications to national. They do it like we used to do player uploads, creating a CSV file that we email to Koshy. Well our AD in 2A, Randy Harr, has been fighting for us with national and it appears they are going to continue to accept this upload. Most of the regions have been forcing their coaches and refs to deal directly with eayso to get officially registered. This has been a constant struggle because most parents don't really understand where WYS stops and eAYSO starts. If you elect to do electronic submissions of your volunteers then it could keep your volunteers from having to deal with eayso. The downside is that our upload will only be accepted if SSN and Driver License data is included. We have been telling parents for years not to enter their SSN into WYS, now you will have to try and convince them to do it. There is also a ten cent per volunteer charge for the upload. On my side I am going to keep the SSNs in encrypted format and encrypt the file I send to national. What I would like to see long term is our upload only having to contain SSNs for new volunteers and use something like XXX-XX-1234 for returning volunteers that already have their SSNs in eAYSO. But you have to decide whether you want WYS to handle volunteer registration or continue to use eAYSO. You will be given a switch in your region setup to control this on a region by region basis. You will also have the option of completely skipping the volunteer application form entry page in the online registration app if you desire. There are some changes to the online registration app but they are not as dramatic. One thing is we have added a lot of logic to try to match up parents that press the NEW button when they already have an account in the system. I am sure we will still not eliminate all the duplicates but if we just cut it back a bit we all win. I am also getting away from the one word buttons. For example one place that caused some confusion was the online reg home page. The link on the player's name just wasn't that intuitive. 
So we have switch to putting more descriptive text into the buttons. Ideally this will help the parents. These are not the final buttons or labels just giving you an idea. Of course once a player is registered the button goes away, parents are no longer allowed to alter the child's record. 
I will be changing data centers and upgrading the WYS servers at the same time the new app comes live. My target for this transition is March 13th thru March 14th. This allows me to keep the old system fully functional just in case. I will be looking for some people to work with the new app next week to find things I missed and clean up text. If you are interested in helping test send me mail. I will also be spinning up everyone's fall seasons this week. If anyone is anticipating starting fall registration before April 1 tell me quick.