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Respect Starts WIth Me

TEAM AYSO - On the Field

Players + Coaches + Referees + Spectators

Palo Alto AYSO is devoted to child 
and community development
 in a soccer environment that is safe, fair, and fun.  
Three groups of people, working together, form the AYSO Team, which creates the environment in which our children develop.  

The PLAYERS, kids, are the focus of our program. 

The Referees, Spectators and Coaches are PARENTS.

The COACHES are the foundation of the AYSO Team.  They spend hours with the players every week, training and at the game, teaching them how to win, how to lose, how to work for an objective, how to cooperate, how to be a team, all through the vehicle of the game of soccer.

The REFEREES watch over the game, helping younger children with the rules and making sure that the game is safe and fair for all. 

The SPECTATORS support the players' activities in a positive and encouraging way. They create the environment in which the players, coaches, and referees work.  They also help to interpret the life lessons of the game for the players after the match. 

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