Your Coaches

Your volunteer coaches are serving your children and family.  Each AYSO coach invests considerable time to learn and train and earn certification and to coach your child.  Be sure to thank your coach for their time after every practice.

Ask your coach how you can help.  Some ideas:
  • Team Manager - A must-have volunteer for every team.  
    • Take charge of snack schedule and team uniforms.
  • Pick up equipment at beginning of season
  • Collect and turn in equipment at end of season
  • Moving goals on game day

Coach Certification

 Division  Certification Required  Clinic Duration
 Kinder  U6 Coach  3 hours
 U8  U8 Coach  3 hours
 U10  U10 Coach  4 hours
 U12  U12 Coach  6 hours
 U14  Intermediate  2 day camp
 U16  Advanced  2 day camp
 U19  Advanced  2 day camp
Extraordinary National  1 week camp

Coach Certifications
Check this page carefully.  
If there is an error with your certificates indicated,
please email to

Division Commissioner - Select the division sorted view tab at the bottom of spreadsheet.

Coach - You may be assigned to an incorrect division.
If your division assignment is incorrect, email the Division Commissioner to correct it.

For Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness information, go here.
For training and clinics, go here.

Registered        Safe           Concussion     Clinic           Name                                                                                           Certifications
                           Haven         Awareness     Needed   Sorted by First Name         Team DC Asst    eAYSO

Registration Action Required
Division-Team is Zero coach not yet assigned a team.

Safe Haven & Concussion Awareness
If you need either or both of these certifications the instructions are on the page,

If red, you don't have the clinic to support being certified for the division you signed up to coach or assistant coach.  The certification clinic you need is shown.  You can see the availability of clinics here.  If there are no more clinics at the level you need, take the online version of the course and then apply for a waiver here,