Advanced Coach - David Mucciarone

David works at Stanford University as a Manager - Stable Isotope Geochemistry Lab. It's hard to catch David for major parts of the year, as he is off to exotic places like Chile, Antarctica, Australia, or small south sea islands conducting climatological research.

This is David's 9th Spring Select season as coach and 12th year coaching in AYSO.  Presently David is coaching the U19B team. His focus is on developing team chemistry, position dynamics, a possession game, and a strong defense. David's team is known as the Palo Alto Raptors.

RC Note - David is Program Manager for the Elite and Select Programs, and does a great job appointing and managing the coaching team.  When away, he is backfilled by others, including John Bungarden and Tim Halsted.

The Palo Alto Raptors summary 

2014 two 1st place finish, one 2nd place finish, one 3rd place finish

2013 five 1st place finishes

2012 two 2nd place finishes and two 3rd place finishes
2011 three 
1st place finishes and one 4th place finish

2010 one 2nd place finish

2009 one 4th place finish

2008 two 3rd place finishes

2007 one 4th place finish

Raptors playing High School Soccer
  • In 2010/2011 two players played on the Paly Frosh/Soph team.
  • In 2011/2012 eight of this years Raptors played Frosh/Soph at Gunn (2) and Frosh/Soph Paly (6).
  • In 2012/2013 nine of this years Raptors played Frosh/Soph at Gunn (3) and Frosh/Soph Paly (3), Varsity at Gunn (1), and Frosh/Soph Sacred Heart (1), Varsity Crystal Springs (1)
  • In 2013/2014 ten of this year’s Raptors played Frosh/Soph (1) Varsity (5) at Gunn and Paly Varsity (1) and Sacred Heart Frosh/Soph (1), Menlo Park-Atherton Varsity (1), Varsity Crystal Springs (1)

Before the team became the Raptors in 2008 it was the Eagles in 2006 and the Supernovas 2007 at U10. Three on the 2012 team played on the Eagles, and 4 played on the Supernovas.  In 2008, 4 played and in 2009, 5 played, and in 2010, 9 played on the white and 3 on the red team, and in 2011, 8 played.  In 2012 we had 14 returning Raptors players.

Team Stats:

PASS Tournament record 57W-17T-33L

    Davis World Cup: 1st (B16/2013), 3rd (B16/2012), 4th (B14/2011)

    Concord Cup: 2nd (B16/2012), 1st (B14/2011)

    Pacifica Fog Classic: 3rd (B19/2014), 1st (B16/2013), 3rd (B12/2008), 4th (B10/2007)

    Palo Alto Invitational:  1st (B16/2013), 3rd (B16/2012), 1st (B14/2011)

    Walnut Creek Fall Classic: 1st (B19/2013) 

PCSSL record 51W-11T-10L

    1st (B19/2014), 1st (B16/2013), 2nd (B16/2012), 1st (B14/2011), 2nd (B14/2010), 4th(B12/2009),

    3rd (B12/2008) – no standing kept at B10 in 2006 and 2007.


Madison League record 46W-2T-18L (3 B19 teams, 4 B16 teams)

    1st (B19/2013), 2nd (B19/2013), 1st (B16/2012)

2013 Fall/2014 Spring Select U19B Season Highlights

2014 Davis World Cup Tournament – outcome pending

2014 Pacifica Fog Classic – 3rd place with 2-1 win over Mountain View in the consolation game. 

          Finishing 2W-1T-1L

2014 Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League – 1st place - Record 7W-1T-0L

2014 Spring Record - 9W-2T-1L

2013 Fall U19B-1 record 8W-0T-1L, 1st place in Madison League, U19B-2 record 7W-0T-2L, 

          2nd Place in Madison League – U19B-1 win over U19B-2 in finals 3-1. 

2013 Fall Walnut Creek Classic U19B – 1st place with a 2-1 double overtime win over Walnut  

         Creek, in the final, finishing 4W-0T-0L

2012 Fall/2013 Spring Select U16B Season Highlights

2013 Davis World Cup Tournament – 1st place with 4-2 win over Davis, 2-0 win in semi-final over MV, 

           3-0 win over SV in quarter-finals, finishing 5W-0T-1L

2013 Concord Cup Tournament – 3rd place with a 1-0 semi-final loss to Concord United, finishing 


2013 Pacifica Fog Classic U16B – 1st place with 1-0 win over MV in the final. Finishing 4W-0T-0L

2013 El Palo Alto U16B Invitational Tournament U16B – 1st place finish with a win over San Mateo 

          0-0 after regulation, 1-1 after double over-time and 5-4 win KFTM, finishing 3W-1T-0L

2013 Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League U16B – 1st place - Record 7W-0T-1L

2013 Spring Record U16B - 20W-2T-3L

2012 Fall Madison League U16B-1 record - 9W-0T-0L, 1st place, U16B-2 record 6W-0T-4L placing 

          5th out of 15 teams.

2013 U16B Spring Highlights - from the Palo Alto Online Sports Page, id=29830

After winning their spring league title with a 7-1-0 record, the Raptors have played in four tournaments and 25 matches since March 3 and have compiled a record of 20-2-3. 

The Raptors won the El Palo Alto Invitational by beating San Mateo in the finals, won the Pacifica Fog Classic by topping Mountain View in the finale, captured the Davis World Cup by downing Davis, 4-2, in the title match, and then finished third at the Concord Cup XX, defeating Concord in the third-place match.

To medal at the Palo Alto, Pacifica, and Concord events, the Raptors had to play four games in two days. At Davis, they played six games in three days. Davis is the premier NorCal AYSO tournament.

2011 Fall/2012 Spring Select U16B Season Highlights

2012 Davis World Cup Tournament – 3rd place (0-0 at the end of OT, 4-2 win in PKs), 1st seed in 

          Bracket play with a perfect 30 points, 2-1 loss in semi-final, a total of 5 shutouts and only 2 

          goals against finishing 5W-0T-1L

2012 Concord Cup Tournament – 2nd place with a 3 to 2 finals loss to Concord United, finishing 


2012 El Palo Alto U16B Invitational Tournament – 3rd place finish with a win over Foster City United 2 

          to 1, finishing 2W-0T-2L

2012 Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League – 2nd place - Record 6W-1T-1L

2012 Spring Record - 15W-2T-3L

2011 Fall Madison League U16B-1 record - 6W-1T-3L, 6th Place in Madison League, U16B-2 record 

          7W-0T-2L placing 5th out of 16 teams.

2011 Spring Select U14B Season Highlights

2011 Davis World Cup Tournament – 4th place with 1st seed in Bracket play finishing 4W-1T-2L

2011 Concord Cup Tournament – 1st place with a 7 to 1 semi-final victory over MDSA Diablos and a 

          5 to 3 victory in the finals over Davis Mojo on 5-15-11 finishing 3W-1T-0L

2011 Palo Alto U14B Invitational Tournament – 1st place with a 2 to 1 victory over Concord United FC 

          on 5-1-11 finishing 4W-0T-0L

2011 Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League – 1st place - Record 8W-0T-0L

2011 Spring Record - 19W-2T-2L

2010 Spring Select U14B Season Highlights 

2010 Davis World Cup Tournament - Top 8, eliminated in quarter finals by Stockton who won the 

          tournament, 2nd seed in Bracket play finishing 3W-0T-2L

2010 Concord Cup Tournament - semi-final finish, record 2W-1T-0L missed finals by goal differential 

          (1 goal).

2010 Pacifica Fog Classic Tournament - finishing 1W-1T-1L

2010 PHMSA Soccerfest Tournament - finishing 0W-1T-2L

2010 Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League - Flight 2nd Place - Record 6W-0T-2L

2010 Spring Record - 12W-3T-7L

2009 Spring Select U12B Season Highlights

2009 Davis World Cup Tournament - eliminated in shoot out with MV Strikers who won the 

          tournament, 2nd in bracket play finishing 2W-2T-1L

2009 Concord Cup Tournament - Semi-final finish - Record 2W-0T-1L

2009 Pacifica Fog Classic Tournament - finishing 0W-2T-1L

2009 Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League – 4th out of 13 - Record 5W-2T-1L

2009 Spring Record - 9W-6T-4L

2008 Spring Select U12B Season Highlights

2008 Davis World Cup Tournament - eliminated by 4th place Davis, 2nd in bracket play finishing 


2008 Concord Cup Tournament -finishing Record 1W-0T-2L

2008 Pacifica Fog Classic Tournament – 3rd place, with win over MV 2-0 in consolation round - 

          finishing 3W-0T-1L. Only loss was in pool play to Rancho Cucamonga who won the tournament.

2008 Comstock Shootout Tournament - finishing 1W-0T-2L

2008 Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League - 3rd  place out of 10 - Record 5W-2T-1L

2008 Spring Record - 12W-3T-8L

2007 Spring Select U10B Season Highlights (Supernovas)

2007 Davis World Cup Tournament - eliminated by 3rd place Richmond, 3rd  in pool play finishing 


2007 Concord Cup Tournament - 3rd  of 6 teams, 1W-1T-1L

2007 Pacifica Fog Classic Tournament - 4th place, with win over Davis 3-1 in consolation round - 

          finishing 2W-1T-2L.

2007 Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League - No standings kept 3W-3T-2L

2007 Spring Record - 7W-6T-7L

2006 Spring Select U10B Season Highlights (Royal Eagles)

2006 Davis World Cup Tournament - 3rd in pool play finishing 1W-0T-3L

2006 Concord Cup Tournament - 0W-0T-3L

2006 Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League - No standings kept 4W-2T-2L

2006 Spring Record - 5W-2T-8L