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How do I contact my Division Commissioner?
Each Division Commissioner forms the teams for an age group and gender; appointing coaches and players to teams.  To contact your division commissioner use an email address of the pattern,, meaning the girls-Under10 division.  Substitute in that pattern for your player's gender and age.

What Division Do My Children Play?
The effective date of age determination for registration shall be the player's age as of December 31 looking ahead of the Membership Year.  The membership year runs from August 1 through the following July 31.  So if you are 9 years old, any time in the year, you play in 10U for the fall that year and the following spring.

Age Guide for the 2018-2019 Membership Year:
Kinder: 1/1/2014 to 9/8/2015 
6U: born in 2013
8U: born in 2011 & 2012
10U: born in 2009 & 2010
12U: born 2007 & 2008
14U: born 2005 & 2006
16U: born 2003 & 2004
18U: born 2001 & 2002

Do we play in the rain?
It depends on the fields being used, and the rain conditions.  The top of our home page states the status of the grass fields.  When the grass fields are closed no practices nor games can proceed on the grass fields, and they are cancelled.  Practices and games scheduled on artificial turf field may proceed in the rain.  Read more about our Rain Policy.  If lightning is a threat all fields will be closed.

How will I know if a practice or game is cancelled due to rain?
If your practice or game is on a grass field, and the top of the home page of this web site, or the City hotline reports that fields are closed due to rain, your practice or game is cancelled.  For all other situations, check with your coach. 

Can players wear earrings? Casts? Tattoos?
Players may not wear anything that is dangerous to any player, including themselves.  This includes earrings or studs, even taped. Each year a few players disqualify themselves from practices and games by getting their ears pierced during the soccer season.  Please wait until after the season is over, so as not to be disqualified.  Jewelry, wristwatches, hard hair fasteners, splints, and casts are other example of items not permitted.  The referees' player equipment page goes into some detail about this.  Teams often designate somebody to hold jewelry and watches during the game.  The referee has the final word on allowability of any player apparel. 

Can we bring our dog to the game or practice?
When AYSO has a field permit, AYSO is held responsible to ensure all city rules are followed.  Please, DO NOT bring dogs or other pets to practices or games.  With so many families attending it would be pandemonium if we allowed pets at the soccer field.  Therefore, we have a no-pet policy for Palo Alto AYSO soccer events.  You may be asked to take your dog away.  Remember also that City of Palo Alto ordinance requires dogs at parks or school grounds to be leashed at all times.  Many of the surrounding cities do not allow dogs at all.  Taking your dog to a park could jeopardize field privileges for the entire organization. 

How can I resolve a problem with my team or coach?
In most cases, the place to start is with your coach.  He or she can help resolve the problem or direct you to the right person.  After that, your Division Commissioner can help (see above for directions on how to contact your Division Commissioner).  For confidential consultation there is also a Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate.  Lastly, the Regional Commissioner can help you.

Remove me from the Palo Alto AYSO email list.  I want to unsubscribe.
Palo Alto AYSO does not maintain an email list, but does use the database of players, parents and volunteers to send emails for a variety of purposes.  Your email address is protected and not shared with other organizations or individuals, and is only used for specific, needed communication.  If you get an email regarding registration and you no longer play AYSO, you may simply ignore it, as the number of such emails is limited and aged out.  Regardless, you may wish to stop receiving emails from Palo Alto AYSO completely Login to any season using the Login menu at the top of this page,  After logging in, use the Parent / Personal Info menu on the left.  This will show you a page where you can change your email address.  You simply put the address, as your email address.  Be sure to press the SUBMIT button to finalize the change.

I understand AYSO is a Certified Community Service Organization (CSO), Registered Public Charity and Non-Profit.  What is Palo Alto AYSO's Tax ID?     95-6205398