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FAQ - Registration

FAQ - Registation

This page addresses registration for players.  
For help on Volunteer Registration, go here.

Logging In
Our season planning, confidential player, parent and volunteer information, and your teams schedule are all online.  You must login to access any of this information.  To login, use the Login item on the menu bar at the top.  Be sure to login to the correct season on that page.  Your login account is the one used to register your children.  Do not create additional accounts, they will not be connected to your children and you will not see your children's team information. If you can't login, read the help information on the Login page.

Player Forms and Medical Release?
The Player Form includes the medical release, and can be printed after logging in, as above.  You must give two copies of signed and dated Player Forms to the coach at the first session.  Your child may not participate without a signed and dated Player Form.  To print the form, login and then look on the left menu for the item, Registration Status.  Click that link and then the button, Print Registration Packet.

I have pre-registered my children, how do I complete registration?
Can I pay electronically?     Can I pay be check?   How can I pay me fees?
Yes, you can pay your registration fees by going here.

What is my child's registration status?
How can I know if my kids are fully registered?
The best way to determine your kids registration status, their team assignment, your coaches name, etc, is to Login and look at the Parent link, after logging in, in the left column to open sub-menu items.  The first item is Registration Status.

I registered my children on the National eAYSO Site.  What can I do?
We do not use the national eAYSO system for player registration, only for volunteer registration.  If you registered on the National Site, eAYSO, or another region's site, just ignore the mistake and proceed to register on Palo Alto AYSO's site, by going here.

When is registration?
Registration for various programs is held at different times.  Consult the sidebar to the left to see whether registration is open for each program.  Typical registration periods.
 Program  Start  Early  Close  Tryout
 Fall Instructional  May  June 15  July 31  N/A
 Elite  April      April
 Spring Instructional  November  Jan 15  March  N/A
 Spring Select  Oct 15      Oct
 Summer Camps  April    July  N/A
 Winter Camp  December      N/A
 Spring Break Camp  March      N/A

Where is registration?
Registration is by online only.  You may use your own computer or the library or other facilities to get signed up.  If you have difficulty email the  Payment may be made online or by mail.  Go here.

I can't login to my account!
Go to the Login page, using the menu item at the top of this site.  Follow the instructions to get help on that page.

Are scholarships available?
Yes, scholarships are available for players who need help with the fees.  Read about our  Scholarship Policy.  If you have applied for a scholarship and have not had a response for more than one week, please follow up with our

Can I choose the practice field?
No.  On the registration form you can specify your school.  This is not "signing up for a team at this field or school", but a hint to be taken into account in team assignment.  Many things affect practice field assignment, including whether the appropriate age and gender practices at that field, the days you specified that you can not practice, team balancing, and the number of requests for that school.  If possible, a field near your school will be assigned.

Can I request a particular coach?       Or to play with a friend?
Friend request may be made.  Login, and under the Parent menu, click on your child's name.  Enter the friend request in the Siblings field.  Each player may request one other player during registration, and if the other player has the mutual friend request, then they are matched together.  Coach requests are not permitted.

Can I request a particular team because of carpooling concerns?
If you need to carpool with another player, use the Friend Request.  Most AYSO parents work and have other children and other activities, so carpooling is a common concern.  Carpooling is usually a subject at the team parents' meeting, and rosters show parent contact information that enables forming carpools for your team.  

How do I withdraw if I won't be able to play?
We appreciate your letting us know if you find you will not be able to participate. Inform your Division Commissioner of your intent to withdraw.  When you inform the Division Commissioner, refunds are processed automatically.  Check our page for Refund Policy.

My account is "locked".
If the system tells you your account is locked when you try to reset your password, it will be necessary for an administrator to unlock it.  This can happen if you have tried several unsuccessful passwords in a row trying to login.  Send email to

The system is complaining about "cookie problems".
This could mean that you do not have cookies enabled in your browser.  Another problem might be that you are accessing the web site through a caching proxy server that blocks cookies, such as is used in some companies.  Unfortunately, we can't do anything about that - you need to use a computer that's not behind such a proxy server.  This should not be a problem if you are accessing the Internet from home.  If you cannot get past the cookie problem, email for help.