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Team Lookup

Parent HowTo for Team Lookup

Team information is not available until the teams are formed and the rosters released.
You will receive an email from your Division Commissioner when the rosters are released.

Good Habits before Game Day
  1. Check the day before a game to be sure your game time, location, and home/away designation have not changed.  Schedules may change during the season, without notice, to accommodate changes in field activity, such as field maintenance, school activity, city program use, or other reasons.
  2. Check the day before a game to see if the snack schedule is unchanged, or if there is no designated person for the next day's game, write your Team Manager to alert the issue.
  3. If your game is at a location to which you have to drive, send an email to parents to ask/offer car pool.

After Logging In
Parent menu item - click on the Parent menu item on the left side of the page, 
to open the following sub-menu items.

How do I ...

see my children's...
Registration Status - your children's status.  You can see the team status and your coach's contact information.  Click on the Show Legend link at the bottom of that page for more explanation.

change my email and phone?
Personal Info - your email account and phone number.  Please keep this up to date.

see my certifications?
Certifications - the certifications we have recorded for your training.  If something is missing, let us know at  Some certifications may be missing and need to be manually transferred from eAYSO.

see what I volunteered for?
Registration Status - will show you your volunteer positions, including time and location, if pertinent.

see what volunteer positions are open?
Volunteer - open positions or assignments that we still need help with.  Please click the checkbox for any tasks that you can help with.

print Player Forms?
Form Package - download a PDF of your player forms in printer ready format.  Please print and provide two copies to your child(s) coach at the first training session.

see the names of the Board Members!
Board List - Volunteers that administer your Palo Alto AYSO

Calendar - we do not use this function.  Instead, look at

change my account password?
Change Password - Use the, Forgot My Password, link on the login page.
See information about my kid's team.

Select Team - If you have more than one child registered you can use this menu item to select which child's team data to display.

Team Info - displays your
  • Team Information
  • Message to Parents from your coach
  • your Practice Schedule.

Team Roster - your coaches and the other players on the team, including their phone and their parents name.

Team Schedule - games for the season, including the location, time, whether the team is responsible for the nets, and the opposing team.

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