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El Palo Alto Recap

posted May 7, 2014, 5:13 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated May 7, 2014, 5:54 PM ]

El Palo Alto Recap

El Palo Alto Invitational Tournament was a great success, by all accounts.  With nearly 50% more teams than last year, El Palo Alto is enjoying phenomenal popularity.  This year,
El Palo Alto hosted 95 teams with 1139 players.  12 of those teams of 143 players were from Palo Alto.

Our parents from Spring Instructional joined with our Select Field Marshals to provide a great experience from team check-in for the Tournament, to field management, and setup/tear-down.  A big thank you to the volunteer help.

El Palo Alto hosted play in U10, U12, U14 and U16 for both genders.  Three U19 girls teams played in the U16 division.  Keeper wars for U10 and U12 were a big hit, with lots of cheering and audience participation.

Officiating was a highlight of the Tournament, with 151 games played.  Only 3 games did not have a complete team of a referee and 2 assistant referees, certified to the divisional level of the game.  Those 3 games required a club linesman to help call ball in/out.  The AYSO referees pitched in from all over the Bay Area and we especially appreciate their efforts to make El Palo Alto a success.

The team that traveled from the furthest away this year came from Visalia. YMC Alliance played in the U14B division.

Coaches and parents from visiting regions have cited the following factors as great positives for El Palo Alto
  • hospitality and efficiency of Field Marshal operation
  • great playing weather
  • good officiating
  • good fields (lets not talk about Greer 5)
  • flexible tournament format to accommodate strange numbers of teams
  • good seeding of teams to provide competition at different levels of play
  • same day tournament check in for traveling teams
  • late-start game schedule for teams that travel into the Tournament
  • Earthquakes' game on Saturday night (ahem, well, ok, so that was not our doing)
We received a few suggestions for improvement as well
  • tighten up the delay time between reporting of game results and challenges
  • on-field method of displaying game results
  • consolidate U10 onto a complex, rather than scattering them about the city
  • ensure all Field Marshals are fully trained

Championship Teams


  1. 218-Hurricanes
  2. 26-Netrippers
  3. 305-United
  4. 44-Cheetahs

  1. 223-Heat
  2. 109-Fireballs
  3. 45-Avalanche
  4. 249-Celtic

  1. 45-Revolution
  2. 1-Spring
  3. 109-TNT
  4. 44-Demolition

  1. 218-Fusion
  2. 218-Notorious
  3. 218-Finesse
  4. 45-Aftershock

  1. 45-Venemous Tigers
  2. 62-United
  3. 64-Barcelona
  4. 26-Sharks

  1. 35-FC
  2. 26-Titans
  3. 26-Spartans
  4. 64-Spurs

Blue Flight
  1. 145-Unted
  2. 45-Terremotos
  3. 305-United
  4. 109-Select
White Flight
  1. 129-YMC Alliance
  2. 62-United
  3. 44-Fury
  4. 43-Albion

  1. 36-Clasico
  2. 45-Wanderers
  3. 44-Strikeforce
  4. 62-United