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Account Management

Thank you Google

The Palo Alto AYSO is using Google gmail as its email system, web site, calendaring, contacts, documents and applications.  Google provides this service to Palo Alto AYSO for free, and we are grateful for their support.

Our Web Sites

We are producing five web sites in;
  1. www - our home web site, tailored for parents and volunteer recruitment
  2. fields - has detailed information about our Region 26 fields
  3. referee - information and management for referees
  4. coach - information and management for coaches
  5. fall-registration - information and administrative function for fall registration
Each of these web sites are separately addressable, as in

Your Account

Each board member function has an account.  Access to board aliases, the ability to edit web sites, calendars or view the docs is controlled through these accounts.

Directory Names

The account name corresponds to the function names in the directory pages in the Directory on this web site.  The relevant pages to look up the names is shown to the right.  To login, go to the url, enter your username and your password.  Note that passwords default to "soccerfest" until you change it.  Please login and change your password at the earliest opportunity to ensure your account is secured.

Your eMail Account

Your email account has all the capabilities of a gmail account.  By default, it has been forwarded to your email address of last record.  But you may change this to forward somewhere else, or change it to a pop account or imap or browser account.  You may choose which you prefer for your use of the account.  How you choose to use your account will not affect others and how they use their accounts.

Editing a Web Site

Only certain accounts may edit web sites.  Generally, they are the accounts that have administrative or managerial function pertaining to the site.  For example, the rca has editing permission for the web site.  You can only edit a web site if you are logged in as one of the privileged users.  The embedded calendars may be edited by these privileged users.


There are board aliases to help send email to board members.  Note that the webyouthsoccer email addresses for team management and contacting parents are still functional.  To see and use these board aliases you must be logged in.  These aliases are not visible nor usable by the general public, only by ayso26 users.  You can view the details of the alias once you are logged in if you are not sure who your email would go to.


The spam blocking ability of gmail is powerful.  Occasionally, good email will get tagged as spam.  It might be a good idea to check your spam for good email.