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End of Season Survey Results

posted Jun 8, 2014, 8:58 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Jun 8, 2014, 9:45 AM ]

I want to thank our parents who took the time to provide us feedback.  This is your organization into which you have entrusted management to myself and your board.  We work hard to manage your program, but need your feedback and guidance to know where we are doing well, and where we are not.  Especially, I want to thank those of you that provided some ideas and guidance in the comments section, especially valuable to improving our programs.

As a result of this feedback we are taking two major actions, as well as making some minor adjustments to our programs to improve them and bring them more in line with your expectations.  The two major actions are;
  • bringing the Instructional and Advanced programs into better alignment
  • reviewing our coaching roster and making changes

More detail of the results are collated below.

The following information is from respondents to the Season Feedback and is intended to be representative of the total.
Feedback  was given prior to June 8, 2014

23% of the respondents identified themselves

2/3 of the responding families had 1 child in the program
10% had more than 2 children in the program

Instructional and Select families responded in equal numbers, implying that the Select family representation was triple in percentage

85% would recommend their coach to another family

7% felt their coach did not follow AYSO principles

8% felt their coach did not help their player make expected progress

2% felt their children were very unsatisfied
8% felt their children were unsatisfied
12% felt their children thought their experience was ok
31% felt their children were satisfied
48% felt their children were very satisfied

Similar numbers of satisfaction were recorded for the parents satisfaction.

Coaching  12% very unsatisfied
                 6% unsatisfied 
                12% OK
                14% satisfied
                44% very satisfied

Refereeing quality was almost all positive comments

68% of the respondents did volunteer in some capacity

Any Comments About Volunteering that Would Help Us?
  • Coaching and refereeing is way too much for me to accomplish. You should train some young coaches/high school kids like Soccer Shots to make the practices fun for the kids. 
  • All parents should at least take a role instead of one person does it all. 
  • Palo AYSO really needs more active and involved age-group commissioners. They could help resolve any issues in a given league and allow the lead commissioner to focus on big picture management issues. 
  • An in person volunteer's meeting at start of fall season would help for first time volunteers, maybe little tables where you could learn about duties of each job. The website is confusing, and too busy. 
  • I felt like the website had so many links and so many places to go to find information that it was overwhelming. I was never quite sure if I had read everything because whenever I thought I had it all down, I'd find a new link with a whole new set of information and guidelines. It was very stressful in the beginning and at the end as I wasn't quite sure if I was doing things properly. I'm still not sure we did everything quite right... 
  • Better organization. Expectations are not clear and communication to regional volunteers was not good.
  •  I was a spontaneous volunteer as a line judge on several occasions. I would have liked to do more, but work and family commitments really got in the way this spring. 
  • On Line videos for helping coaching and players understand where to focus on. UK Soccer help. 
  • Get paid refs and increase the cost per girl to cover the extra cost 
  • Being a Field Marshall is easy. I did it twice this year. It does not require a 1 hour in person training session for a 2 hour volunteer job. Send an email description of the job to parents instead of asking them to attend a meeting. Removes a barrier to participation. Parents are too busy for xtra evening meetings.
  • Discount fees for coaches 
  • Very unequal distribution of volunteer work. Anyone can ref, only three of us did. Many parents NEVER helped move goals or anything else. 
  • I noticed that there were 3 assistant coaches and 4 team managers signed up, but two of the assistant coaches were never there (and one of them, the child was never there, did he play with another team perhaps?). None of the team managers did much either, our snacks were unorganized. I think I expected our head coach to send out one beginning-of-the-season email to nominally get us organized. That didn't happen. So... the season was fine, but not as awesome as it could have been. I guess my only comment to the league specifically is to encourage the head coach to send that email at the beginning of the season so things seem more organized. 
  • assigning ref to games was confusing, different logins for kids, parent, instr. / elite, even different home pages 
  • Some people bring their kids to be babysat and I prefer to be a coach not a babysitter and that is the reason why I do not volunteer to be a coach. Also, you cannot be strict when you coach in AYSO. I am glad that others are able to volunteer and i command them for that 
  • Was very fun. I am so happy that I helped out with field Marshall. It was a great experience. 
  • Did not want to give my social security number 
  • I refereed. Too few referees meant I did games alone, which had the usual effect -- unhappy coaches. 
General Comments Provided in the Feedback

What was your favorite part of the season?
Weekend gamespractices Great coaches The games! Spending time with other families my daughter had all her school friends on the team and it helped to know the parents games on saturday every practice was fun Practice flexibility Coach and team spirit some of the players it was all good Practice I like how Kinder soccer is organized with 1 day on Saturdaywatching boys have fun togethe Tournaments Games Fall tournament The Coach Traveling to Davis and being in Presidents Cup Positive energy coaches Games, friends Davis cup Coaches taught so well and were organized When it was over Practices and games Season League Games The training sessions watching the kids enjoy free play all of it Doing shared practices with another team Watching my son play coach did a mini keeper wars for spring instructional Other teammates The first 3/4 of the season was great allWhen the players knew they played well and had fun, even if they did not winCoach

What was your least favorite part of the season?
Team strength Injuries not long enough Single field.  Memorial Day wekeend game. Games in other towns Trying to wheel nets that the wheels did not work on. El Palo Alto practicing with 3rd Select team Negative coaching clickiness among players no team manager Not feeling respected or listened to by the coach Practices Started spring season late and a bit disorganized at first losing nearly every game -- quite uneven range of team skills Can't think of any Spring usual AYSO disorganization Occasional blow ups from the coachNone spring - coach was only at games Terrible practice field Practice time, wish it was slightly later. 10 am or later in the morning. n/aKids who didn't really want to play Davis Tournament Not enough parents participation The schedule none early morning games :) Uneven competitiontraveling to games far awayGames lack of carpool games/practicesthe crazy uniform policy Lack of parent volunteers on team first 2 times were chaos. my son would not go back. The last 1/4 because the season was too long last fall. It started early so it was just too much. The games ending My child's response to negative coaching Not sure