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Kicking off 2011 Fall Soccer Season

posted Sep 3, 2011, 9:16 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Oct 24, 2011, 11:11 PM ]


It has been really hectic for all the volunteers to get everything in place this year.  Training for coaches and referees, new methods and processes for our upper division uniforms, lots more equipment than ever before and tremendous focus on delivering a great, quality experience for our kids and community.  

Here are some key points of interest to help you participate in our Fall Season.

My Kid's Team: On the Parent menu, on our web site explains how to login to the season management software, WebYouthSoccer and see team information.  You should log in now and make sure you can, and also that your kids are appropriately linked to your record so that you have the needed information.

FAQ: Some special notes for parents as we go into our new season.  Our web site Parents menu at is packed with information and quick self-help information.  You might want to especially take a look at the and its sub-pages. Here are collected the most common questions and answers.  

Finding Answers:  Most information can be found by using the search box on our web site at  Get that answer now with self-help.

Kids Zone Feedback: where you can submit ideas, highlight issues, help us know more about how things are going "on the ground", so to speak.  We need to improve.  Everywhere.  On every field, with every process.  If you see something particularly good, or needing improvement, please enter information into our Kids Zone Feedback.  You can identify yourself for follow up or do this anonymously.  And, especially if you know of an ongoing problem let us know asap.  A problem in progress can be addressed.  Kids Zone Feedback is on the main menu.  Help us make this a very successful season for all.

Top Gun: for great soccer skill instruction.  Players are split into small groups with a trainer and its all learning, skill improvement and fun.  There is no charge for players registered in Palo Alto AYSO.  1 weekend only.  Don't miss it.

Rain Policy:  You can read more information at, but basically, if its raining, check our website for the left column.  In the box below the picture it's GREEN or RED, indicating field status for our grass fields.  When RED, no practices or games are allowed on grass fields.  Some teams have activities on artificial turf.  They do not stop for rain, except in accordance with out policies outlined on the referenced page.  For Madison league, where we play on other cities fields as well, be sure to check online for information from your coach on the team page in WYS.

Soccer Conduct:  Please, this page is a quick read and although Palo Alto parents are the best in the world for sportsmanship and setting a great example, I would be personally gratified if you would take the time to read it.  Some of the points may surprise you.

Game Snacks and Refreshment:  Water and watery fruit, such as sliced oranges, grapes, watermelon slices are highly recommended.  Water is needed before, during and after games and training.  Each child should have their own water.  Doughnuts, energy bars, boxed juices, cupcakes, cookies, chips and energy drinks are discouraged. After the game snack can include such great items as low-fat yogurt, string cheese, trail mix, small PB&J, non-fat chocolate milk, granola bars, bagel and cream cheese.  Be aware of food allergies of your team mates and be safe for all.  

End of Season Team Party:  Everyone loves a party.  Your team can earn a party bonus of $3 per player that you can apply to your fun, food and festivities.  To qualify for this party bonus the team must book a date with the coach mentor during September for one of their practices, and give to the coach mentor a printout of 3 specific web pages, signed by your coach.  Here's the details: (1) Book a date with your Coach Mentor to attend one of your practices during September, (2) the coach must go online to each of the three professional sites, UK Socca, US Soccer, and CatzCoach, and print out one lesson plan for your team from each site, (3) initial the three lesson plans and (4) turn it in to the visiting Coach Mentor at a training session.  This must all be accomplished during September.  You need to hurry, because the mentor coaches are getting booked and there aren't that many of them.
Coach Checklist to Kick-Off the Season
  1. Have you logged into WYS and confirmed you have the Coach menu item?  If not, email
  2., check this page that you have covered the item
  3. Check out, how to use WYS to manage your team 
  4. Be sure to wear your coach jersey to games.  We need to know who is responsible at a glance, and what your certification is
  5. UK Socca mentor coordination by for divisions U7, U8, U9
  6. US Soccer mentor coordination by for divisions U10, U12, U16 and U19
  7., follow the links for online curriculum, use the login provided to all coaches
  8., register on the front page
  9., Sign Up on the front page, using the coupon code provided to all coaches
  10. Check out Top Gun for U10-U19,  Get your kids onboard.
  11. Uniforms and other equipment is still arriving.  You will be notified of email as it comes in.