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Kicking Off Spring Instructional 2013

posted Mar 12, 2013, 7:46 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Mar 12, 2013, 7:58 AM ]

Here we are starting practices and getting ready for our first games in our inaugural production of the Spring Rec Program.  Response has been much stronger than we anticipated.  Thank you all for your interest.

Below are some explanations and tips to help you get going in this season.   Enjoy

When I log in it says my child is not registered, or I don't see the team.
This is the most common question right now.  We are running multiple programs simultaneously.  When you login, be sure to select the Spring Instructional box.  Login at

How do I know if fields are closed due to rain?  
If it is a Palo Alto field, check the Grass Fields status on the top of our home page.  You can find out more about rain-related issues at  For fields in 2J, such as Cupertino, Saratoga and West San Jose, check the closure status of individual fields on this page,

Game Snacks and Refreshment:

My Kid's Team: On the Parent menu on our web site, is explained how to login to WebYouthSoccer and see team information.  You should log in now if you haven't already, and confirm that your kids are appropriately linked to your record so that you have access the needed information.

FAQ: Some special notes for parents as we go into our new season.  Our web site Parents menu at is packed with information and quick self-help information.  You might want to especially take a look at the and its sub-pages.

Finding Answers:  Most information can be found by using the search box on our web site at  Get that answer now with self-help.

Kids Zone Feedback where you can submit ideas, highlight issues, help us know more about how things are going "on the ground", so to speak.  We need to improve.  Everywhere.  On every field, with every process.  If you see something particularly good, or needing improvement, please enter information into our Kids Zone Feedback.  You can identify yourself for follow up or do this anonymously.  And, especially if you know of an ongoing problem let us know asap.  A problem in progress can be addressed.  Kids Zone Feedback is on the main menu.  Help us make this a very successful season for all.

Soccer Conduct:  Please, this page is a quick read and although Palo Alto parents are the best in the world for sportsmanship and setting a great example, I would be personally gratified if you would take the time to read it.  Some of the points may surprise you.

Do Not Use School or Park Trash Cans
It is too easy for AYSO teams to overwhelm the ability to deal appropriately with the amount of trash that multiple teams can generate.  It is important that every team takes their trash with them.

Coach Checklist to Kick-Off the Season
  1. Have you logged in and confirmed you have the Coach menu item?  If not, email
  2. Coach Preparation, check this page that you have covered the items
  3. Check out Team Administration, to use our system to manage your team 
  4. Have you appointed your Team Manager?  Some information is sent to the Team Manager specifically.  Your team will miss the information if you have not appointed a Team Manager.
  5. Be sure to wear your coach jersey to games.  We need to know who is responsible at a glance, and what your certification is.
We are playing games outside Palo Alto?
To increase the fun and variety of our season with only the few teams we have registered, we have interlocked a game schedule for some divisions with nearby cities.  They travel here for some games, and we travel there for some games.  Some of the other regions are not using the same software system as we use, and the information about the other team is minimal.