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Lottery in U7/U8/U9 for Tickets to Opening Game of MLS Playoffs

posted Oct 7, 2012, 8:05 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Oct 7, 2012, 8:09 PM ]
Thank you to the San Jose Earthquakes for supporting our Youth Soccer Development Programs, 
and to KimChi for helping to organize this great opportunity.

More opportunities can be viewed at, especially a chance to get into the Guinness World Book of Records.

And thank you to the coaches and team refs who had their game card and team information up to date originally, and to those that have stepped up in the last few days and got onboard.

Here are the results for the draw.

The tickets are for the already sold-out, opening game of the MLS playoffs. 

The date will either be Saturday, Nov 3rd, or Wednesday Nov 7th, depending on regular season results.  Please note that the game is sold out.  These tickets are the only ones we can be sure to get.

3 teams were chosen from the draw.

Each winning team received 11 free tickets and may purchase an additional 11 tickets at the discounted price of $22.  There are a limited number of additional tickets available for the regular price of $45, beyond those 22 tickets

Below, in bright green are the qualifying teams.  Qualifying teams entered their data game and team into the system, permitting us to do a better job of managing the players' experience.  

I have been asked why we track the standings and whether are they important.

At U7/8/9 we should not pay attention to the score, nor encourage the kids to pay attention to the score.  The reason we track the score, quarters played, who scored, etc,
1 - we use the data to regulate the league by balancing teams
2 - we watch how coaches perform on the managing of scores
3 - we watch on how coaches manage to play their kids by number of quarters per game and per season
4 - we use standings to normalize coach ratings of their players at the end of the season

And now.  The winning teams were chosen using a random number generator.  The winning teams are:

8B team 10, 7G team 1, 9B team 3

Congratulations!  KimChi will follow up with the head coach of those three teams.

Gordon Short
Regional Commissioner
Palo Alto AYSO