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Palo Alto AYSO is Going Green, or is it Blue

posted May 15, 2011, 4:21 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Oct 31, 2011, 9:28 PM ]

Every year Palo Alto AYSO has had 2000 players with new uniforms, including jerseys and shorts.  And our Spring Select teams have bought another 300 uniforms each year.  What happens to these jerseys and shorts?

Some of them are recycled, some are donated, some sit in the bottom of drawers for awhile, but basically, they are not adequately re-used.  Our Region purchases all these uniforms and includes them in the cost of our program, as fees to parents.

We can do better. We can change the way we handle the uniforms and re-use them. These uniforms do not get damaged or worn out in a single season, let us re-use them.

Roland Lee has volunteered to help us with the extraordinary process of planning and managing our transition to a new system for uniform supply. This is a four year process and Roland has been working diligently to assist with obtaining a standardized uniform of high quality that can be used for Fall and Spring Select Programs, provide a great team and regional identification for the players, and be stand-out in look.

Because we are moving to a system where we are reusing the uniforms, we are able to spend more money on quality and look of the uniforms.  This will negatively hit our budget in the introduction year, but produce dividends each year after that.  Dividends that can be applied to improve the instructional and game experience of the players.

As we move to the new system our players will be using a home color jersey and an away color jersey.  Below are pictures of the jerseys, except that the jerseys and shorts also have the City of Palo Alto logo on them, on the right sleeve and pant leg.

Benefits of the new uniforms:
  • Less landfill, less energy
  • all sizes available, and players will have more choice
    • uniforms will not be late again
    • better quality material for different weather conditions
    • team/region identity

    Home Jersey
    Kinder - 2010
    We began with the Kinder division in 2010 and used re-usable jerseys.  Nearly all the jerseys were returned at the end of the season, and only 1 was damaged.  The rest still looked brand new.  And only about 10% of them were returned in a state that they needed to be laundered.  Thank you to the parents thoughtful enough to return the jerseys clean.

    U14-U19 - 2011
    This year we will be using our new uniforms.  Jerseys and shorts must be returned.  Since this is a start-up year we will be doing initial uniform distribution without a locker, and will institute a locker mid-season, in time for returns at the end of the season.

    U10-U12 - 2012
    These divisions will convert to the new uniform system in 2012.

    U7-U9 - 2013
    These divisions will convert to the new uniform system in 2013, unless our experience in 2011 leads us to believe we can handle the additional load of converting all remaining divisions U7-U12 in 2012.

    As we introduce the new uniforms to the division we will instruct the coaches on procedures to obtain their players' jerseys.  Our new method will include flexibility that will allow the coach to better fit the player with a jersey of the correct size.

    We are working diligently to make this as smooth a transition as possible.  But there will be mistakes, oversights, and blunders.  I know I can count on your patience and understanding as our volunteers work this out.

    Away Jersey