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Spring Select: PCSSL Season Wrap Up

posted May 19, 2014, 12:05 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated May 19, 2014, 12:29 PM ]

Spring Select:  PCSSL Season Wrap Up

Program Director:  David Mucciarone

With Davis as our next event coming up this weekend, I do want to take a moment to reflect on the PCSSL season while it's still fresh in our minds, and since all of our teams will not be attending the Davis World Cup tournament. For them, the season has come to a close. I want to say thanks to all of the players, parents and the coaches for a job well done. 

Overall this was a good season for our 14 Select teams. We have seen some young teams that are now the older team as their division progressed well over the past two years. It's not just about the Wins in the standings, but improvement that is being made with each passing season and that these players are sticking around to play more soccer, in our program. It shows that we are working to do the right thing in providing them a positive playing experience. Coming back for more is one of the most important indicators that our coaches are providing the right environment and reflects well upon our program as a whole.  

PCSSL put together different flights that was intended to match similar team strength. They didn't always do this well, especially in the two flight divisions, so the win-loss records can be misleading. I hope next season, when possible, all teams within a flight should play against each other, and if another game is needed to complete the 8 game schedule, then playing outside of the flight is okay.  This is better than playing the same team twice. I will work with the scheduler next season to fix this. 

The season does have its highlights in PCSSL. We should look at all of our divisions, not just your own, to see and to congratulate our fellow coaches and their teams for a job well done. Even the teams that did not place, their record may be misleading. Looking close at some of the match ups, there were some close games. 

This PCSSL Season

G10 Net Rippers coached by Jim Pflasterer finished 2nd in the upper division
G10 Predators coached by Karl Yost finished 2nd in the lower division

G12 Thunder coached by Jim Smith finished 2nd in the upper division

B10 Serpents coached by Jerome Dochez finished 1st in the lower division. 

B12 Spartans coached by Sefano and Jim McGregor finished 2nd in the upper division. They also finished 2nd at Concord this past weekend. 

B19 Raptors coached by me finished 1st in the solo flight

Tryouts went well this past weekend. More tryouts this Thursday for some of the divisions. Thanks to all that could pitch in Saturday to help. High 5s to Gordon for all of his hard work getting the word out and for his endless amount of support on so many fronts.



RC Footnote; I am pleased with the progress of our Select and Elite program to rebuild our competitive teams.  Clearly, providing year-round opportunity, and improving our coach bench have both been seminal to rebuilding this service to our community.  It is accomplished with the hard work and many hours our coaches are dedicating to our community and families.  Many thanks and kudos to the coaches.