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Preparing for the Fall Season

posted Sep 4, 2013, 11:41 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Sep 4, 2013, 4:20 PM ]
Parents and Kids of Palo Alto AYSO,
As we get ready for the first game day this Saturday, your volunteers are working frantically to get everything organized.  Everything from surveying and painting fields, deploying goals, composing game schedules, finalizing and publishing teams, ordering last minute equipment and uniform make-ups, and handing out equipment and uniforms at the locker.  Not to mention the coaches and referees getting their training, the volunteer trainers, the coaches and team managers getting their teams organized, and a whole host of other stuff that has to get done for a successful soccer season.

Only 3 Games?  The game schedule for U8 and U10 will be flighted this year, similar to the method used successfully in Mountain View for some time.  This means we will see how teams fare, and match them up in the next four weeks of game schedule to have games between teams of similar strength.  This will make it more "fair" and fun for everyone.  And by doing this, allows us to be more neighborhood focused in our team formation.  To help you plan your weekends, we have arranged to use more fields so that we can get all the games in during the morning.  That way, your family can enjoy great Saturday morning soccer fun, and know that the rest of the weekend is open for other activities.

Note the links at the bottom of this and every page on the website, in the buff area.  They are useful.

If you need to know where or when anything is, check the calendar widget on our home page.  Click the event for more information.

There will be regularly scheduled free clinics for U8, U10 and U12.  Players who want extra instruction can attend them.  They will be scheduled into the Regional Calendar, visible in the home page calendar widget.  U14+ clinics can be scheduled upon request by coaches.

We will also be scheduling a free clinic by PSV Union.  Again, watch the calendar widget.

And don't forget to reserve your fun time at the Earthquakes game in October.  Lots of fun including escorting the Earthquakes onto the field, ball marshals, and our teams scrimmaging on the field at half time.

This newsletter will remain here, and you can refer back to it later.

Parent's Information  Almost everything you need to know is on our web site under the parents menu.  Just us the drop down menu for topics.
Soccer Conduct:  Please, this page is a quick read and although Palo Alto parents are the best in the world for sportsmanship and setting a great example, I would be personally gratified if you would take the time to read it.  Some of the points may surprise you.
When I log in it says my child is not registered, or I don't see the team.  We run multiple programs simultaneously.  When you login, be sure to use the correct box.  Login at
How do I know if fields are closed due to rain?  
If it is a Palo Alto field, check the Grass Fields status on the top of our home page.  You can find out more about rain-related issues at  For fields in 2J, such as Cupertino, Saratoga and West San Jose, check the closure status of individual fields on this page,

Game Snacks and Refreshment: It is each parent's responsibility to know and support our snack policies.  Please do not impose your preferences in contravention to our guidelines.  
The snack schedule will appear on the game schedule when the Team Manager enter the data. 

How Do I Find My Kid's Team: On the Parent menu on our web site, is explained how to login to WebYouthSoccer and see team information.  You should log in now if you haven't already, and confirm that your kids are appropriately linked to your record so that you have access to the needed information.  If they appear on your page, they are linked.  Also, if you have more than one child, you can only see one at a time.

FAQ: Some special notes for parents as we go into our new season.  Our web site Parents menu at is packed with information and quick self-help information.  You might want to especially take a look at the

Kids Zone Feedback: where you can submit ideas, highlight issues, help us know more about how things are going "on the ground", so to speak.  We need to improve.  Everywhere.  On every field, with every process.  If you see something particularly good, or needing improvement, please enter information into our Kids Zone Feedback.  You can identify yourself for follow up or do this anonymously.  And, especially if you know of an ongoing problem let us know asap.  A problem in progress can be addressed.  Kids Zone Feedback is on the main menu.  Help us make this a very successful season for all.

Do Not Use School or Park Trash Cans
It is too easy for AYSO teams to overwhelm the ability to deal appropriately with the amount of trash that multiple teams can generate.  It is important that every team takes their trash with them.

Ear Piercings & Jewelry are strictly not allowed on the soccer field, during training or play.  Studs, or even taping of studs, is strictly not allowed.  Every coach and referee is responsible to enforce this.  Do not get your ear's pierced during the soccer season, or you will be sitting it out.

Game Schedules are being composed and loaded into the system over the next 2 days.  As much as possible, games are over by 1 pm, if not earlier.  

Goals must be locked up in the correct place on each field.  The city fines us when goals are left out or are in the wrong place, and if the problem is not corrected we can lose field privileges.  Fields that have baseball diamonds should have the goals locked up on the infield, on the dirt.  Every parent needs to help make sure we do a good job on this.

Kicker (U4) is at Greer 3 at 8:30 am.
Kinder (U6) morning is at Greer 2 at 9:30 am.
Kinder (U6) afternoon is at Greer 2 at 3:30 pm.

Coach Checklist to Kick-Off the Season
  1. Try the Pre-Season Checklist
  2. Review the links under Coach at the top of this page
  3. Have you logged in and confirmed you have the Coach menu item?  If not, email
  4. Coach Preparation, check this page that you have covered the items
  5. Check out Team Administration, to use our system to manage your team 
  6. Have you appointed your Team Manager?  Some information is sent to the Team Manager specifically.  Your team will miss the information if you have not appointed a Team Manager.
  7. Be sure to wear your coach jersey to games.  We need to know who is responsible at a glance, and what your certification is.
We are playing games outside Palo Alto?
Older divisions play games outside Palo Alto, to increase the variety and fun for the players.  It is a great inter-mural hookup with our sister AYSO regions.