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Rain is Here !!

posted Oct 15, 2012, 8:04 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner
Well, hopefully we will get a lot of rain (and snow) this winter and none of it will interfere with soccer !!

That would be a neat trick.

As we start into the rain period I thought it prudent to put out a quick reminder about how we handle rain conditions.

Generally, we practice and play in the rain.  Nothing like soccer in the rain.  One of the most fun times is to watch the kinders in the rain.  Usually only about half show up in the rain, but those that do have a blast.

Of course, there are conditions such as lightning or field closures that interfere.  If lightning can be seen or thunder heard, it's time to get off the field.  And because we live in a region of micro-climates, we have to be observant from where we are.  The weather forecast generally for the south bay, may not be evident in Palo Alto.

On the web site, on the front page, right near the top left, is a status box showing grass field closures.  If the city closes the grass fields, that box will go red.  If the city has set a time to close the grass fields, it will go yellow, and show the time it will close.  Yellow might mean that it will close in an hour or two (the time will be indicated), so your game or practice might still have time to proceed.  All fields close and open at the same time.  Artificial Turf fields do not close.

Once that box turns red, no more use of the field is permitted.

Coaches may cancel practices even if the field is open.  

Referees may cancel games.  Coaches may not cancel games. 

A full explanation of our rain protocols is at