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Registration is OPEN and Some Changes in Program - READ CAREFULLY

posted Apr 14, 2011, 9:03 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Aug 5, 2011, 10:07 AM ]
Greetings from your Regional Commissioner.

This email is sent to all parents with children in Palo Alto AYSO programs in 2010 and 2011, to alert you that registration is open and to appraise you of some changes in how we compose our teams.

The Fall 2011 Season registration is open.  Click on the left sidebar for the Fall Season at to learn more about the season and to register.  Summer camp registration is also open, and you can find the link also on the left sidebar.

And now, to explain some changes in how we compose our teams.

Palo Alto AYSO desires to provide a team position to every child that registers.  To achieve this we have sometimes gone to the extent of putting more players on teams than we desire, and we have recruited coaches aggressively to put together more teams.  And, we did succeed at providing a position for every child that registered, but the consequences of this accommodation have not always been good.  Putting too many players on the team has stretched the ability of coaches to manage the team, and has reduced playing time for all members of the team.  Being too aggressive on coach recruiting without insistence on full certification and training has resulted in non-optimal coaching situations.  In short, we ended up sacrificing the quality of the season for affected players.  In our Spring Kinder program still underway, we only took on as many kids as we could get coaches, with full certification and prescribed training, and without exceeding our desired team sizes.  We did turn away players, rather than increase the rosters. The positive results for the teams are evident.  The coaches are better able to manage the teams, provide a more fun and learning experience, and the kids are more actively engaged.  You can see our Spring Kinder program on Saturday at Greer 1 at 2 pm.  It is a gas.  This year I will be directing our Division Commissioners not to exceed our desired team sizes for their division, and to ensure that every coach is fully certified and has taken the prescribed training, BEFORE assigning the coach a team.  This may mean that not all children who register will be able to participate, depending on the number of coaches who volunteer and obtain their certifications in each division.

Our policy is to assign children to teams in accordance with the number of teams available.  If a division is unable to accommodate all the children that registered, sadly, we will have to turn some of them away. In such a case, we will have to prioritize children of volunteers and take into account the date of registration (not pre-registration).  It saddens me to consider turning children away, and I sincerely hope that we are able to recruit enough willing and interested coaches to form the needed teams.  It is usually only a matter of another coach or two in a division, and is definitely achievable.

We need your help to ensure we have another great season.
-if you can coach, please do.  Many of our coaches start out at K to U10 with no soccer knowledge before training.  It is very rewarding and solidly connects you with your kids and neighbors.  Training is not difficult or very time consuming.  Most have fun at training.
- if you are in doubt, come to training before volunteering.  Decide then if you can do it.
- encourage others to coach
- if you are a coach, be aggressive to get your training and certification prescribed for your division, earlier the better, so that we can include you in the division sooner

- if you cant coach, referee
- if you cant referee, help administratively

There are many opportunities to help, explained at

Let's all have a great soccer season.

Best Regards, 
Gordon Short
Regional Commissioner