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RSS Help

RSS,  Really Simple Syndication

And it is just that, REALLY SIMPLE.  Skip to the left or right below to just set it up, simply.

RSS is a simple way for you to receive new postings without having to check to see if there is an update.  And you don't have to give anyone your email address, and the publisher does not have to keep a mail list up to date.  Your RSS reader checks in the background for you.  Your RSS reader might be your browser, your email, your gmail account, or an RSS reader you have downloaded.  You choose. 


  1. Using Safari, click the RSS link on the Newsletter page. 
  2. This will open the RSS channel. 
  3. On the right side bar, near the bottom, under Actions: there is a link titled "Subscribe in Mail".
  4. Click "Subscribe in Mail" and this will create an RSS feed in iMail
  5. Done.  The RSS channel appears on the left menu area of your iMail.

Below  and to the left for a MAC and to the right for a PC, are the simple steps to setup, without you having to take further action.  If you want to know a LOT more unnecessary information, try Wikipedia.  Or, if you want to try custom RSS Readers, try Google.



  1. Using a browser, click the RSS link on the Newsletter page.  This will give you the url in the browser bar.  Copy that url to the clipboard.
  2. In Microsoft Outlook, Click the menu item "Tools", and the drop-down "Account Settings"
  3. Choose the tab in the dialog box, "RSS Feeds"
  4. Paste the url from the browser into the dialog
  5. Press Add, the RSS Feed appears in the left bar of Outlook

Internet Explorer

  1. Using Internet Explorer, click the RSS link on the Newsletter page.
  2. Yellow box, the 3rd option, click "Subscribe to this feed"