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Season Kicks Off

posted Aug 27, 2010, 11:28 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Aug 27, 2010, 6:23 PM ]

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90% ?

Well, 90% of our season has kicked off.  Our U5 and U6 divisions have a different calendar and don't commence for another few weeks.  We have over 2000 players and 350 volunteers again this season.  And thanks a million to the staff volunteers such as division commissioners, our board, our trainers, our coordinators, special task volunteers that manage field permits, field scheduling, and many more persons too numerous to list, who have been working hard since spring to get the season ready.  

And, thanks a million to the volunteers whose duties are ramping up, such as our coaches, assistant coaches, referees, field liners, goal maintenance, and again, many more persons too numerous to list.


Our U5 and U6 Division have a different calendar.  To see the exact timings you can consult our Regional Events calendar.  Registration closes on September 3.  U5 and U6 begin their season on October 2.  September 25 is the U5/U6 Coach Training Clinic.  Only those coaches who have not attended the U5/U6 training need to attend.  Oct 9 is picture day.


We have 349 volunteer applicants to produce our programs. Thanks to all of our volunteers for making our community a richer place to live, and for enriching our children's lives.  And congratulations to those volunteers that have successfully completed their registration in eAYSO, sent in their signed forms, and completed Safe Haven training online.  It's a bit of a hurdle, but necessary.  Of our 349 volunteers, only 281 have completed their registration.  I know it's kind of hard news and tough love, but no one who is not fully registered as a volunteer may participate or act in a volunteer capacity for AYSO.  We will be checking our volunteer rosters, starting with the folks who interact the most with our children, coaches and referees.  And, to make sure our returning volunteers understand, you must have taken Safe Haven at least once in your volunteering career (as recorded in our eAYSO application), and send in signed forms freshly, this year.  If you are in doubt of your status, sign into and check, or email if you can't log in.

Let's take a moment to clarify the systems that our volunteers work with. 
  • is our national registration system where all volunteers must register
  • is our Palo Alto Region 26 domain for information sites, including,,,,, and others
  • is for online training and manuals
  • takes you to WebYouthSoccer, where we organize teams, schedule practices and games

Palo Alto AYSO Referee Classes Begin Next Week - Jim Ivey

Welcome to the fall AYSO soccer season! Palo Alto AYSO referee classes begin next week (Monday, August 31) at the Cubberley Community Center on Middlefield Road. Please consult the Region 26 Referee Pages at for information on:
Please direct any questions regarding the classes to the Regional Director of Referee Instruction (Jim Ivey) at  Everyone please join me in thanking our all-volunteer referee staff for Region 26.  We can’t do this without you!


Every parent should be able see their children's information about team assignments, teammates, coaches and more, by going to  This link takes you to WebYouthSoccer for our region.  If you cannot get logged in, send for help at  U5 & U6 parents will not yet see information yet.  Game schedules are not released yet, but we are getting close.  Stay tuned.

Parents, don't be shy.  Ask your coach and assistant coach if they are fully registered. They worked hard to get it, and deserve the recognition and thanks.

We need help in several divisions with coaching.  If you are experienced and can help coach in 8B, 14B or 12B, please email me at  Thanks

Our Coach Mentoring program begins this week and continues for three weeks.  Our Coach Mentors are from the UK on this assignment, and we need some families to help take them in.  Typically a family volunteers for 1 week to host 1 coach mentor.  It's easy to do.  Our family did 4 this past summer in support of the AYSO Summer Camp Program.  Please email to volunteer or to find out more.  We need the help.

Shoe Swap - Pamela Chesavage

The AYSO 2010 Cleat and Shin Guard Exchange was a great success this year - thank you to all who participated!  We
collected over 130 pairs of cleats and lots and lots of shin guards
between July 26th and August 5th - those who donated picked up a ticket at the time of their donation.  They then returned to the donation station on the evening of August 6th, and exchanged their ticket(s) for equipment that fit their child - over 70 families went home happy!  The remaining 60ish pairs of cleats were offered to those who hadn't been able to donate, on the morning of August 21st - and in the end, we only had 5 pairs of cleats and one pair of shin guards left over!  We will be running a similar program next year, so hang on to your child's cleats and shin guards, and if they no longer fit by late July 2011, look for an email from AYSO regarding the time and location of the 2011 Cleat and Shin Guard Exchange events!  Again, thanks so much to all of you who participated!

Banner Closet

Today, Friday the 27th, the Banner Closet is open at 6pm.  More information at  This might be your last chance to pick out a team banner.  And remember, if your team chooses to make a banner, please consider donating it at the end of the season to our Banner Closet for re-use next year.


Like last year, our pictures will be taken at the JLS gymnasium.  Picture packets for the team are being given to coaches this week.  If coach (or assistant coach) did not yet get your team packet, email to and arrange a pick-up of your packet.  The packet contains coach instructions and forms for each family on the team.  The web site for booking a photoshoot time will open up at the end of this month.  Details are in the packet.  Picture days will be Sept 25 and Oct 2 for U7 and up, while Oct 9 is reserved for U5 & U6.

We need some more volunteers to help on picture day.  This is light duty; send the teams to the proper queue area, check players to make sure they are not wearing cleats in the gym and a few other ad hoc help tasks.  If you can volunteer even if only for a few hours, please email

Coach Mentoring
Our coach mentoring program gets underway this week.  Every coach in the U7 to U10 division is required to sign up at, no matter how experienced you are.  Sign up now, we will be working this weekend on the schedule and need your data.  Thanks

Top Gun

Our Top Gun clinics are scheduled for Saturday, October 9 for U16 & U19 Players and Coaches, and on October 10 for our U12 and U14 Players and Coaches.  We need you to sign up for clinics so that we can get a head-count and schedule.  Please go to to sign up for the clinics.  Sign up for as many as you would like.  We will try to accommodate all requests, but if we get overwhelmed we may have to serve on a first-come basis.  Top Gun sign-up will be available starting this weekend.

Coaches:  AYSO Night at the Earthquakes

The San Jose Earthquakes will be hosting their AYSO Night on Saturday September 11th; the Earthquakes will be facing FC Dallas.  There will also be opportunities for our AYSO players to participate on the field during the pre-game activities. You can contact the San Jose Earthquakes representative with any questions. Laura Cadranel 408-556-7734,