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Spring Select Prepares for Final Tournaments

posted May 17, 2011, 8:59 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated May 19, 2011, 12:04 PM ]

- David Mucciarone, Spring Select Producer

As we go into the final weekend of PCSSL there are some great things to report.

All in all a very good spring select year for Palo Alto.  If I missed some highlights, sorry, PHMSA redid their website and I couldn't find all of the results.  I look forward to following the outcomes at Davis and hearing all of the seasons tales at our year end coaches/referee party.  I am working on this and will let you know the details soon.  It will most likely be the Wednesday after the Davis Tournament (June 1st). Hopefully most of you can make this date.
Do not forget, your field fees have not been deducted from your accounts yet, make sure you leave enough in the account to cover these costs. You should see this deducted from your accounts very soon.
Memorial Day Weekend
  • U10B Salsa Verde is in 1st place and with a good showing this weekend should be able to keep it. They also won the championship at the PHSMA tournament and were a close second in their bracket missing the final by one point. Good luck this weekend.
  • U10B Green Questionmarks are a developmental team has two games this weekend and stands to move up in PCSSL standing this weekend.
  • U10G Firebolts stand a chance to move up in the PCSSL standing this weekend, they have two games remaining and stand a chance to finish 3rd.
  • U10G Blazing Angels are also a developmental team, are struggling, but hanging in there and could finish as high as 3rd or in the middle of the pack.
  • U12B Blue Demons are struggling in PCSSL, but they are in a tough flight, they have two games this weekend and stand to finish strong.
  • U12G Electric Shock are in the middle of the PCSSL pack and could move up with a good showing this weekend.
  • U12G Earthquakes, our developmental team, are also having a great PCSSL season and are presently undefeated and have already won their flight regardless of what happens this weekend. 
  • U14B Raptors are having a good season, they are undefeated in the PCSSL and have already won their flight, They also won the U14B Palo Alto Invitational Tournament (hosting two PHMSA teams, Los Altos, San Jose, and Concord). The U14B were champions of their Concord bracket and became the first boys spring team to win at Concord. The only previous champion at Concord were the U14G in 2001.
  • U14G Sharks are a developmental team, and are very young (U12s and U13s).  They are struggling a bit in PCSSL, but they had a nice game against MV and should be proud of their efforts this weekend and this season. The experienced gained from this season will help them this coming Fall and will contribute to our next U14G spring program.
  • U14G Adrenaline are in third place in PCSSL with an outside shot at 2nd when they take on 1st place MV this weekend. They also placed a close second in their Concord bracket this weekend only to be squeezed out of the final by 1 pt. Good luck this weekend.
  • U16B Typhoon are presently in 2nd place in the PCSSL with a shot at 1st place depending on what happens this weekend. Good luck!.
  • U16G Vipers almost didn't happen this season, but they have pulled it together and are in the middle of the PCSSL standing, way to go.
  • U19B Azzuri are in third of 8 teams and a huge improvement over last season, opening the team up to players outside our Region has been successful in getting these young men to play soccer. I look forward to hearing more from Dejan on this.
  • U19G Pumas are presently in 4th place of 7 teams and with a win over MV this weekend could take over 3rd place.