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Spring Select Tryouts

posted Oct 22, 2013, 10:02 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Oct 23, 2013, 9:21 AM ]

Quick Guide to Your Spring Select
2014 Tryouts

National Games:  1 Instructional G14 team, and 1 team each from U10B, U10G, U12B, U12G, U14B, U14G and U19B AYSO Extra are invited to the National Games.  Players love the week long Olympic Style with players from all over the USA.  More information is here.

What Age is Eligible:  AYSO Soccer Year is July 31.  Players age is calculated based on July 31 before the season starts.  If a player was 9 on July 31, but is now 10, he may still play on the U10 team.  Additionally, a player in U8 may tryout for U10 Select.

Who is Eligible:  Only Fall Instructional players may tryout for the U14G Instructional National Games Team.  All Fall Instructional and Fall Elite players may tryout for Spring Select teams.  Anyone that did not play in the fall may not tryout.

Who Gets Priority:  All players must tryout to be considered for a Spring Select team (with the exception of U19B).  All players are evaluated by 3rd party trainers, not AYSO coaches.  No player gets priority.  Evaluations and rankings are based on demonstrated skills, commitment, and sportsmanship.

Who Gets to Go to National: the coaches of each division may determine whether to compose the National team at the begining or the end of the Spring Select season.  To go to Nationals will require an additional commitment.  Be sure to indicate National Games Tournament on the Advanced Player & Parent Form, attached to the Tryout Page

What is the Tryout Procedure:  
  1. Register for the Tryouts - only registered players may tryout
  2. Be sure to complete registration and pay the $25 fee
  3. Read the page
  4. Choose your tryout times from the table or Regional Calendar
  5. Print two player forms and bring them to tryouts
  6. Print one Advanced Player & Parent form, attached to the tryouts page, fill it out and bring it to the tryouts
  7. Show up at the tryouts, on time, with your 2 player and 1 parent form
  8. Players will be notified soon after tryouts are over.  An email with instructions will be provided
  9. You will receive an offer letter with instructions, that must be acted on within 48 ours to formally accept the offered slot
  10. Non-accepted players may enroll, with priority in the Instructional Program