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Spring Select Wrap Up - Palo Alto Excellence

posted Jun 3, 2011, 12:57 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Jun 8, 2011, 10:43 AM ]
We have come to the end of another Spring Select Season. It's hard to believe that over 130 days ago we began our first Spring Select practices.  That's over 40 practices and, for some teams, over 20 games this season.  I know I'm tired, but I am already planning for next year and counting the days until I get to do it all over again.
This season we had five teams medal at the Davis World Cup.  Our previous best was four teams back in 2001 and 2003.  Since the Davis World Cup Tournament is the last event of our season and represents so many AYSO Regions in northern California, it is a good indicator on how far our Spring teams have progressed over the season.  Some of our teams struggled in the PCSSL, but did well at the Davis World Cup.  The U12B-1 team is a good example.
Our end of the year coach/referee gathering will be at the Old Pro downtown 541 Ramona Street at 7:30pm on Friday, June 10th.  Please notify your refs and inform me if you can attend and how many of your refs will attend so I can plan accordingly.  I look forward to hearing all of the positives and negatives that occurred this season, so we can make adjustments to our Spring program to make it better for next season.  There were some obvious issues with the Pacifica Tournament and some other tournaments, but I think we have learned from these unfortunate events and they will hopefully not happen again in the future.

Over the season I have been able to meet with most of you and get some feedback on your team's progress.  For those of you that haven't had the opportunity to catch up with your fellow coaches and their teams, below is a brief summary on how our 14 Spring Select Teams performed this 2011 season.

A very special thanks to our Regional Ref Admin, Lee Berg for his help in getting all of our referees up to speed and cleared for PCSSL and the various tournaments this season, to our RC, Gordon Short for his support, suggestions, and encouragement, and to our Regional Coach Admin, Jack Bungarden for helping our coaches get their needed training.  I also want to remind all of you that our fields were taken care of for us by Saul Rotblatt (field lining coordinator), Dana Tom (field permit coordinator), and Robert Neff (goals and net coordinator).  We also couldn't do much without banking support from our Regional Treasurer, Reed Freyermuth.  Thanks for all for your support this season.
Last, and certainly not least, way to go coaches, referees, players, parents and volunteers!  The Spring Select season could not happen without all of your help and support too.

David Mucciarone
Spring Select Producer
Palo Alto AYSO

U10B-1 coached by Todd Ford and Tim Misner.  Their team finished 1st in the PCSSL Blue flight.  They were the Champions at the PHMSA Soccerfest tournament and at the Davis World Cup.  They missed the finals by 1 point at the Concord Cup.
U10B-2 coached by Ralph Nyffenegger and Tristan Barrientos.  This was our developmental team and had a couple of close games this season in the PCSSL that could have easily moved them up in the standings of the Red Flight.  It is most certain the the boys benefited from playing more soccer this season.
U10G-1 coached by Jeff Greenfield.  They finished a solid third place in the PCSSL Blue flight and they demonstrated they were contenders in a close game against MV.  At the Davis World Cup, they finished 4th in the Blue Flight.
U10G-2 coached by Jim Pflasterer.  This is one of our developmental teams, and played in the PCSSL Red flight. They struggled a bit this season, but the players hopefully benefited by the extra soccer experience that will prepare them for next season.
U12B-1 coached by Phil Lavery, Matthew Bungarden (high school volunteer coach), and Tim Halsted.  This team struggled a bit in the PCSSL Blue flight finishing in 6th of 7 teams.  At the Davis World Cup in the Blue flight, they they pulled it together and placed 4th of 12 teams.
U12G-1 coached by Leon Leong.  His team team finished in the middle of the PCSSL Blue flight being squeezed out by one point from 3rd.  They also had some good showings in the tournaments they attended.
U12G-2 coached by Drew Zenger.  His developmental team had a Cinderella season and finished undefeated and took first in the PCSSL Red flight.  They also had some good showing in the tournaments they attend, but none better than their 4th place finish at the Davis World Cup.

U14B-1 coached by David Mucciarone and Skyler Tom (high school volunteer coach).  Their team placed first finishing undefeated in the PCSSL Blue flight.  They also finished first at the U14 Palo Alto Invitational Tournament, first at the Concord Cup, and placed 4th at the Davis World Cup.
U14G-1 coached by Garry Lim and Luther White.  Their team finished 3rd in the PCSSL Blue Flight.  They just missed the finals at the Concord Cup by one point and lost a close on in the elimination round at the Davis World Cup against the 3rd place MV team.
U14G-2 coached by Jim Ting and Cassandra James.  They coached our developmental team and struggled most of the season.  I am hopeful that the players still benefited from their playing experience.  This team was a multi-region team.
U16B-1 coached by Terry Kelly, Dave Weinstein, and Mark Ericson.  Their young team finished a close 3rd in PCSSL. This team struggled a bit with injuries and in the tournaments, but half of this team was made up of U14 and U15 players and the experience gained by these players should benefit them in seasons to come.
U16G-1 coached by Yoon Kim and Tyler Cobbett.  Their team had a rocky start but they did well in PCSSL finishing 6th of 8 teams.  They had some close games that could have improved their standing.  This team was also a multi-region team and this team would not have formed without the sharing of these out of region players.
U19B-1 coached by Dejan Milojicic and Eric Ponteri.  Their team finished 3rd of 8 teams in PCSSL and like the U14G-2 and U16G-1 teams was also a multi-region squad.  The U19B team was also a multi region team last season and with the success of this past season this may become more common in future seasons at the upper divisions.
U19G-1 coached by Lee Berg and Rob Nicholls.  Their team finished 4th of 7 teams in PCSSL.