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Team Picture

Pictures are a Team Responsibility

Many parents have indicated a strong preference to take pictures of their team on their own, and not have the league book photographers for a massive 2000 kid lineup.  

In this digital age everyone has cameras and cell phones with high resolution imaging and each team can take its own pictures.


In the last few years of doing league organized team photos, attendance dropped dramatically, and few teams had all players showing up for the team shoot.  The organization for several thousand kids to all show up at a scheduled time throughout the day got harder and harder each year.  We finally experimented with digitally composed photos that could put the odd players into the team photo, to accommodate those that could not attend the assigned time slot.  The schedule was better, but the resulting photo was not outstanding.

In a poll, it was discovered that most teams already took photos, and preferred not to attend a scheduled photo shoot with a staged background.

Such league organized photo shoots were discontinued since 2010.
AYSO26 Regional Commissioner,
Nov 17, 2013, 7:23 PM