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Team Photos

Team Picture

Submit your team picture for a postcard-like memento.

Pictures are a Team Responsibility

Our parents have indicated a strong preference to take pictures of their team on their own, and not have the league book photographers for a massive 2000 kid lineup.  

In this digital age everyone has cameras and cell phones with high resolution imaging and each team can take its own pictures.



It is important that parents respect the privacy of children and the wishes of children's families.  If you are going to photo or video the team be sure to touch base with the parents and make sure everyone deems it acceptable.  

There are laws that cover the publishing of photos of children in public media.  Be sure you have permission of the parents of each player before posting their children's picture.  Such pictures should be protected behind an access-wall requiring login, so that only invited persons can view the pictures.

Some parents may require that photos that include their children be subject to their review.  Please honor their wishes.

Team Picture

The Team Manager may send a picture of the team to have it embedded into a regional memento postcard.  Send a picture, such as the one at the left, of your team, and it will be dropped into a postcard with the regional logo, year and team name, roster, and returned as a high density image to the Team Manager.  

A popular photo is to line your team up in front of the goal in the manner shown at the left.  If you can, be sure to include the Coach, Asst Coach and Team Manager in the photo.

Send the picture to, and be sure to indicate the team designation, such as, Instructional - 10b25, to indicate the Instructional U10 Boys team number 25. 

Be sure your team information page has the team name and a complete roster.  It will be used to create the memento.

Regional Commissioner,
Nov 17, 2013, 7:23 PM