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Player Dress Code

Dress Code for Games

  1. Each player must wear:
    • the issued uniform: shirt (tucked in), shorts, and socks (pulled up)
    • shinguards (fully covered by team socks)
    • regulation soccer shoes, tennis shoes, or sneakers (with or without rubber cleats).  Soccer shoes with cleats are strongly recommended for all games and practices.  Screw-in cleats must be in good condition, with all cleats installed.  Metal cleats and toe cleats are not allowed.  "Baseball shoes" which have a toe cleat may be used only if the toe cleat is removed, e.g., sawed off, with no sharp edges remaining.
  2. Players may not wear anything that is dangerous to any player.  This includes, but is not limited to: splints, casts, metal bracelets, rings, earrings, wristwatches, and hair barrettes.  The Referee's decision on the legality of player apparel is final.
  3. Long hair must be tied back with a rubber band or other soft retainer.  Prescription eyeglasses should be secured.  Sunglasses are not permitted.  Only goalkeepers may wear (soft) knee or elbow pads and  caps.  Goalkeepers may also wear "warm up" pants.
  4. The uniform should be worn only for regularly scheduled league games and official scrimmage games, or events involving AYSO.
  5. Additional clothing, such as shirts and long pants, may not be worn over the uniform while a player is participating in a game.   Sweatshirts (hood must be tucked completely inside shirt) or "bicycle shorts" may be worn under the uniform if their color matches the uniform.  Players not attired in proper uniform will not be allowed to play until properly dressed.