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When will I find out about my training sessions?

Team assignments are readied at the beginning of August.  Your Division Commissioner will announce by email when your division's rosters are published.  You may then go online and see the information regarding their children's team assignments, using WebYouthSoccer.  Click on the Parents menu item to the left after logging in.  
Your coach will contact you with all the details about your team, including training times, and when the first training will be.  Most teams begin training about the time school starts, though some start the week before.  It is up to the coach.  Many coaches hold a parent meeting before things get going.

How often do teams train? How long?

Kinder divisions do not have training sessions separate from their game day sessions.

Teams ages Under-7 and older train twice a week on weekdays. Most training sessions are in the late afternoon, because most coaches have work responsibilities before that.  The length of the training session depends on the age group and the coach, but usually is around an hour for the younger players and an hour and a half for the older ones.  Training sessions may be shortened after the time change in October.

Why is my training field so crowded?

Each team is assigned a particular training location and days. AYSO holds city field permits for the fields and times assigned. Usually there are two teams assigned to each field, and they work out how to share the space.  There may be multiple teams at the elementary school or park sites.  

There is a limited amount of field space in Palo Alto and many groups wanting to use the space.  School expansion in recent years has reduced the amount of field space available or has taken it out of usage for extended periods.  We are currently using our practice fields allotment to capacity. 

Why is there no goalkeeper for U6, 7, 8?

Players at these ages need to be taught basic soccer skills.  Let them learn the value of teamwork by motivating them to score, but most importantly, let them have FUN!