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Protect Volunteers and Players

How does AYSO protect its volunteers and athletes?

  • Safe Haven™
    Safe Haven™ is a program designed to address a growing need for child and volunteer protection. There are four elements in the Safe Haven™ intervention cycle: Create Policies, Screen Volunteers, Train Volunteers, and Promote Education and Awareness. These are intended to stop child abuse and its agents before they get into the program.

  • The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997
    This law grants immunity from certain types of prosecution for volunteers who meet its requirements. In order to receive full protection under the law, AYSO volunteers need must: 1. be properly trained and certified; 2. be performing duties as laid out in a position description; 3. act within the scope of AYSO’s Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.

  • AYSO Certification
    AYSO’s goal is to provide training certification for all its volunteers. Certification offers the hope that every AYSO child will be treated with understanding, compassion, and respect.

  • Kids Zone™
    The national media has focused on the negative, even violent, behavior of players, coaches and parents involved in youth sports. Kids Zone™ is a dynamic program targeted to eliminate negative sideline behavior. Kids Zone™ buttons and signs are distributed throughout the Region and parents are asked to behave within the guidelines of the program.

What are AYSO’s Supervision Protocols?

While performing duties related to an AYSO volunteer position, the volunteer is:

  • Subject to the bylaws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines of AYSO;

  • Under the overall authority of and directly supervised by the Regional Commissioner; and

  • To maintain the recommended adult to child supervision ratio of 1:8 or less; that is one adult for every eight or fewer children and two adults (one of whom may be the coach and one of whom should be of the same gender as the group) present at all times.  For the protection of both the children and the volunteer, no volunteer should permit himself or herself to be alone with any child or group of children (except his or her own) during AYSO-sponsored activities.

What are Palo Alto AYSO’s Commitment to Palo Alto Parks & Recreation and PAUSD?

Palo Alto AYSO provides an insurance rider to both the Parks & Rec department and PAUSD for use of their fields and facilities by our volunteers and players.  Our insurance policy is effective for registered and Safe Haven'd volunteers while performing duties related to the Palo Alto AYSO program.  We insist upon 100% registration and Safe Haven certification for our volunteers.  Our insurance also covers all properly registered players.