Rain Protocols

Check the status of Palo Alto grass fields at the top of our home page.  

The home page will be updated as weather conditions change. 
You do not need to call the City of Palo Alto Rain Hotline, 
but if you are doubtful, please feel free to call the Rain Hotline.
 If the home page is not correct, email rc@ayso26.org, rra@ayso26.org, and webmaster@ayso26.org and it will be updated.

If the Rain Hotline says the fields are closed, all Palo Alto AYSO games and practices are canceled for grass fields. 

Note that Cubberley Stadium, PALY, Gunn and Mayfield are artificial turf and do not close for rain.  

The City of Palo Alto Rain Hotline is

+1 650 329 2697

Game Rainout
Scheduled games will proceed in inclement weather unless they are specifically canceled.  Play is only canceled if:
  • The City closes the fields, or
  • The home page shows Closed, or
  • The referee at the game cancels it.
NOTE:  Coaches may not cancel a game

We make every attempt to keep playing, working within the City of Palo Alto's field-use guidelines and considering the safety of the players.

The Regional Commissioner, in consultation with the Regional Referee Administrator can cancel games prior to the scheduled time of play.  The only person authorized to cancel a game at the field is the Referee that is scheduled for that game, after personally inspecting the field.  Coaches cannot cancel a game, even by mutual consent.  Game cancellation will depend on the age level and fields being used, and the weather  conditions. 

It is lots of fun to play soccer in the rain, but Palo Alto playing fields are heavily used, and the city closes the grass fields in rain conditions to avoid damage.  Holding practice or games on closed fields risks losing our field permits.  However, if the field is not closed by the City, and the field is not soggy, play or practice may continue in the presence of a light drizzle.  

If a game is interrupted or delayed due to rain, but the City has not closed the fields for the day, play may resume later.  Depending on the amount of rain and the condition of the field when rain ceases, it may be possible for a game to start late or resume.  The Referee decides.  Games later in the day may proceed when earlier games have had to be cancelled.  It's a good idea to show up at the field if the fields is open, unless you hear otherwise.

A game postponed because of weather will be rescheduled by the Division Commissioner.  When there are many games canceled rescheduling may not be possible.  Coaches of a cancelled game may collaborate, in consultation with the appropriate referee coordinator and the division commissioner to make up the game.

Training Session Rainout
Training will proceed in inclement weather conditions unless specifically canceled.  Training is canceled if:
  • The City closes the fields, or
  • The home page shows Closed, or
  • The coach cancels the session.

If fields are closed a hard surface such as an outdoor basketball court or tennis court can be used for some training and drills.  Pay attention to the list of concerns below.

Or, consider using this as an opportunity for some indoor training, where game strategy and team discussion can build greater player confidence and teamwork.

Concerns for using a hard surface
  1. If fields are closed, but the hard surface is dry (as might happen with rain in early morning to mid day, but then sun comes out), using a hard surface is OK.  Often done at middle schools with BB or tennis courts. 
  2. No cleats.  Must wear running shoes.  Cleats are dangerous on a hard surface.
  3. Other safety issue: coaches have to account for net poles and such with the activities that fit the space (eg, play some form of "soccer volleyball" on a tennis court). 

The following is the position of the AYSO National Referee Commission regarding severe weather:

"It is said that lightning can strike from a clear blue sky that is within a ten mile radius of a storm.  It is therefore strongly recommended that practices and games be terminated immediately upon hearing thunder or seeing lightning".