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Thank a Ref

Thank a Ref

Our volunteer referees invest considerable personal time to learn and train and earn certification, attesting to their level of achievement.  Not to mention the hours they put in officiating your games.  Be sure to thank your referee after every game. 

Referee badge level by player age
Player Age Minimal Ideal
Over 14 Intermediate National
U14 Regional / Intermediate Advanced
U12 Regional
U10 Regional Regional
U8 U8 Official U8 Official
 U5/U6  N/A  N/A

Referee Certifications  
(referee instructions at bottom of page)

Registration     Has       Has                         Name              Badge                  RRA                                   Certifications
Action              Safe      Concussion                                                               Approved Status 
Required          Haven   Awareness

Registration Action Required
  • Must Register in eAYSO - go to and follow the instructions for a New Volunteer
  • Registered - your are done with this step
  • Renew Registation in eAYSO - go to, login and renew

Safe Haven & Concussion Awareness
If you need either or both of these certifications the instructions are on the page,  The procedure for the two certificates is different.

Badge Level
If red, you don't have a badge, yet.  Make sure the badge you do have enables you to officiate the division you are intending, using the table at the top of this page.  You can find the clinics on the menu at the top under Referee.