Refund Policy and Procedure

Refunds are issued automatically when registered players are dropped from a Program.  
The amount of refund is in accordance with the following policy points:

Complete refunds are available through the closing of registration. After registration is closed and teams are formed, no refunds will be given -- it is a challenge to administer eighty teams across the league, and late changes and drops only make it harder for every division commissioner. If your child is *not* placed on a team due to a shortage of coaches or players, you will receive a full refund.

NOTE: many divisions have waitlists, and preference is given to those who register early. Consequently late changes really are disruptive to many parents, not just the volunteers that run AYSO.

Request a Drop
If you wish to withdraw a player from the program email your Division Commissioner.  Be sure to give a reason. 

Your Division Commissioner's email address is in the pattern of, meaning u7 girls.  Simply change the address to suit your division and gender.  Note that gender is the letter c for division with Co-ed, such as u4 and u5. 

Your refund will be sent as a check, by mail, within four weeks of the drop.  You can check that your player's drop has been initiated by logging in and checking their registration status.