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Scholarship Policy


Palo Alto AYSO is a non-profit, all volunteer program.  We desire to provide soccer opportunities to as many young athletes as possible in a fun, fair and safe environment.  Our policy is that parents should pay their children’s registration fee to the extent they are able.  

Palo Alto AYSO awards scholarships to help parents and guardians who are in circumstances where the family cannot pay the registration on their own.  Scholarships are awarded primarily on financial need, and secondly on a family's volunteerism to AYSO.  

These scholarship funds do not include the summer camps program.  For more information about fee waivers and hosting a coach for the summer camps, see the bottom of the Summer Camp page.  

There is no charge for VIP players, so there is not a VIP scholarship.

  1. Parents must pre-register their children before applying for a scholarship.  Afterward, come back to this page and continue this application process.  
  2. To apply, parent or guardian must complete the scholarship application form online, below. The information provided will be held in confidence on a need-to-know basis for review.  Typically this may include our Registrar, CVPA, Treasurer and Regional Commissioner.
  3. Families receiving first consideration will be those able to provide documentation that supports their financial need, such as proof of current government financial aid or that the child is a participant of a free school lunch program (Title I student).  Also, consideration will be given to recommendations from government agencies, social agencies or school administrators (such as a school principal).
  4. One application per family, listing all children is required.
  5. Previous and current volunteerism provided by the applicant family to AYSO, will be considered.  Failure to meet previous volunteer commitments or lack of willingness to volunteer will also be a consideration.
  6. Please wait one full week for a response.  If you have not received a response after one full week, you may inquire to the