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Cleat Swap

Each year our volunteers run a Cleat Swap, where you can exchange last year's outgrown cleats for a pair that will fit this year.  This service is offered free of charge.  On Shoe Swap days, as designated in the calendar, you can take advantage of this.  The days are designated for drop-off or pick-up.

When you drop-off your old shoes on a drop-off day you get a ticket.  You come back on a pick-up day with your ticket and pick out a pair of cleats that will fit.

Please only drop-off shoes that are in appropriate condition for another player to use this year.  

When you drop-off shoes just leave them in the big red box and write your name on the list near the box.

Watch for this season's Shoe Swap in July and August.

Check the calendar in early July for dates and locations.