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Team Assignments

When do I find out my team assignment? 
Players are notified of their team assignments in mid August.  Once teams are assigned, coaches begin contacting their teams.  In addition, your WebYouthSoccer account will show your team information.  Full team details come from the coach. 

What if I want to switch? 
Please report any team assignments that are of the wrong gender or wrong age group.  These assignments will be corrected. Otherwise, team switching is not permitted.  If you have been placed with the wrong gender or age group, contact your Division Commissioner. 
Wait List Process 
Players who are registered but not currently assigned to a team are on a wait list for their division.  Usually there are some assigned players who drop out in the early weeks of team assignments due to schedule conflicts and other reasons, and this will open slots for placing players from the wait list. 

As places open up on teams, they are filled from the wait list based on the order in which registrations were received, taking into account the volunteer points for the player, due to parent volunteering for Palo Alto AYSO.  The Division Commissioner checks with the parents to confirm interest and availability.  

We are sorry but it is not possible to let you know what place you are on the waiting list or what the liklihood is of being placed.  In the past, nearly all players have been placed.  If a player cannot be assigned, you may request a full refund.