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General Information
Uniforms are provided for U8 to U19 players at the beginning of the season.  They are returned at the end of season and re-used next season.  This re-use of uniforms saves your Palo Alto AYSO approximately $70,000 per year for the fall season alone, reduces land fill, and of course, reduces our carbon footprint.  With our new seasons, we may have had to pay more than $100,000 per year for uniforms.  It does place a heavier burden on our volunteers to organize, service and remake these kits. 

How can I, as a parent, help our Uniform Volunteers
  • return the jerseys on time to your Team Manager to complete the kit
  • launder, and if needed, bleach the jerseys to remove stains
  • if damaged by non-soccer use, or lost, pay for the loss here
If you are a Team Manager and need more information, go here.

Parents & Players
You will receive your uniforms at a practice in advance of your first game.  You will receive a Blue Jersey, White Jersey, Shorts, Blue socks and White socks.  This is a complete kit for playing home and away games.

Wear your white jersey for home games, and your blue jersey for away games.  You wear the color of socks to match your jersey.  Note that it is considered poor sportsmanship under USSF guidelines for a player to wear incorrect socks, as it can be used to mark out players during the game when players are heads-down tussling for a ball.

It is a good idea for players to have both uniforms with them in case they made a mistake in deciding which color they should wear.  The regulation uniform must be worn to play the game.  In the event that a player has the incorrect color, with the agreement of the referee and the two coaches, the player may wear a pinnie to play the game.  Note that this is unlikely to be allowed in the competitive divisions or tournaments.

Care of Uniform
The uniforms are of a high quality synthetic wicking material.  They will last many seasons of normal soccer wear.  

Our uniforms do not fare well with food stains nor ironing.  The number one enemy of our uniforms is pizza.  Please do not permit your child to eat pizza or similar foods while wearing their uniform. The second most common damage is an attempt to iron the uniform.  This simply melts the material.

At the end of the season if you need to, bleach your white jersey with chlorine bleach before returning it.  This almost always works and does not harm the material.

Your Commitment
When you registered your children you committed to taking care of the uniform and returning it within ten days of the last game.  Thank you for that commitment.  If your uniform is lost or damaged, you may use this page to make payment for replacement.