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Utility Account Number

The City of Palo Alto requires AYSO to provide a report twice annually
 documenting the residency of our players.  

Unfortunately, like PAUSD, they do not accept addresses as evidence.  Instead, they require utility account numbers.  Enter your information regardless of the city you live in.  Once you enter your number into our system it will remain there for subsequent seasons, but you must enter it once.

The information is NOT viewable by anyone except those with Registrar privilege.  This would include our Registrar, the Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate, and the Regional Commissioner.  Of course, the report is provided to the City and is visible to their staff that must review the report.  The city has informed us that the reports are kept to a small number of persons.

Stanford residents - enter Stanford as your utility number.
Apartment residents that do not have separate utilities - enter the name of your apartments.

How to Enter Your Utility Number

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Use the Parent/Personal Info menu.
  3. In the employer field, enter your utility number.  Your employer information is not needed.
    1. If you or your child has a Palo Alto utility number, please enter it.  
    2. If you reside at Stanford or Los Alto Hills and do not have a utility number, please enter the word, Stanford or LAH, as appropriate.
    3. If you are in an apartment and your utilities are included in your rent or lease, please enter the name of your apartments.
    4. Otherwise, enter your utility number for wherever you live.
  4. Click the button, Submit.

All done.        And Thanks!!