AYSO - The Most Soccer Fun on the Planet

Join a team that suits your level of commitment to train and excel, instructional or competitive.  

Play games in an environment where having fun and learning, not winning, is everything.  Where you train, play, experiment and are ON THE FIELD.

The whole family can participate to the extent your family likes, as coaches, referees, Team Managers.  We train/teach parents at the appropriate level, and have done so for over 50 years.

The best way to learn soccer is by playing the game.  Training is to prepare you for the game.  In Palo Alto AYSO you will play at least 3/4 of every game, as long as you attend training.  Training is to learn the skills you need on the field.

Coaches, referees, clinics and player training are the best you can get, with lots of encouragement, fun, fair, and safe participation.